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  1. quick question. If you want 2k textures (same here, i think), how much ram do you have?
  2. oh so you can bring back science twice?!? i never knew. thanks alot
  3. where do you find this?? sounds interesting oh and im just planning a new series with FFT, SSPX, Heat control and NFE. with visuals, of course. and sigma with a 2.5x scale kerbin. jolly good fun
  4. i imagine a bar with alcohol wouldnt be good for crazy kerbonaughts. and normal ones, now that i think about it
  5. hey all with regards to labs, when you transmit science from them, do they have 100% transmission rates, or do they have losses. Also, the nature science lab from SSPXr, does it have a 5x multiplier, or is it different. and if i want to change it, where is the line of code in the .cfg thank you heaps
  6. what should you do huh. well ya should giv' us your logs, and maybe your mod list as well would be helpful
  7. quick question, what happens if you break a license? He also says they are not on CKAN, theres a text file whihc says so. Thats just a little contradictory
  8. Hey all Can anyone link to some data on how much heat some of these engines make? Im looking to get into modding, and i want to make a patch which makes the engines produce realistic amounts of heat? I also dont know if the license allows me to do this.
  9. did a little digging. all the mods in the pack are - - ASET -Benjee_MMSEV -Benjee_sharedAssets -HonkHogan -J_JAR -Kermantech -KSA -Moardv -RESCALE (all in caps, yes) -ScattererAtmosphereCache -Sigma -SigmaDimensions -VexarpIVA + something called NF spacecraft, if it Near Future Spacecraft, its only a few of the configs, no DDS images, as far as i can see Can someone identify if this is sus?
  10. this work in 1.12? looks like a splendid mod and are there spec requirements also, does this mod replace the stock solar system with the real one, or does it upscale the stock one. Im assuming its the former not the later, i have read the OP but im still unsure? EDIT : I just needed to read a bit. It does add just a smaller versions of RSS. *facepalm*
  11. haha. no i did read the OP. i just, didnt fully understand it and needed some clarification.
  12. So does this mod work in 1.12.3? So i just click launch, and it will try find the best gravity turn till the apoapsis reaches that height? neat
  13. i saw this thread, now im hungry. I had a tuna pasta bake. Not sure if any knows what that is, its just pasta, tuna, pasta bake sauce, mushrooms and capsicum. yum.
  14. Hello all Ive been hearing that taking KSP out of the steam file seems to do something with reducing crashing ot something along those lines. Can anyone give me a more definitive answer about what is going on? and why should i do it? Thank you
  15. that's a lot of types of fuel. do you mean units? with regards to your heating errors, make sure you pack enough good radiators. There are some radiators which are much better than others. Also, different parts have different heating limits, so your probably just over heating your craft. Also what engine and radiators are you using. Some of the more advanced engine require slightly ridiculous amounts of radiators. hope this helps
  16. yeah that happens to me as well. and during flights, that happened once as well. Back on the topic of your problem, maybe its due to RAM spike? It could also be just your computer having a hissy fit. Your going to need someone with way more experience than me. best of luck
  17. First off, does your KSP work with no mods? If it works, its probably due to mis-behaving mods. Ill try my best to help
  18. My first Attempt. I will get better quality footage when i get a higher res monitor yeah wow thatch a low quality thumbnail. Any constructive criticism in not wanted, but desperately needed Edit : I think its just OBS being a pain, think i will fix it and start recording some more
  19. The land of the government planning to buy marine surveillance drones, then cancelling the order. Also the province of the western no - nuclear power conglomerate and generally hoppy marsupial lovers.
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