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  1. ... have sadly passed and are in the past @tater???
  2. Yeah, so i don't know the mod. I know that there IS one. If Mech Jeb has the data, then should be good enough. Using a maneuver node to get the intercept distance down to zero (<100m error) then adjusting with RCS when your coasting and it should work. Also, do you know the mod which extends the physics range, or at least enable you to jump between crafts moving in the atmosphere? EDIT: I FOUND IT IT. (i think) [1.12.3] Precise Maneuver (KPM) 2.4.99-adoption <Kerbal Floating Point Precision> edition [25 Mar 2022] - Add-on Releases - Kerbal Space Program Forums
  3. Some mod which provides docking guidance. Also, should show how far your intercept is away from the target. Get that down to 2 or 3 meters. Just like docking, but at speed. Just get the intercept distance as close as you can.
  4. Darn that's too late for me I said some more colorful language when i realized Thats such a pain
  5. There where parts that where familiar in KSP 1, but no actual replicas I doubt it will be different in KSP 2
  6. You could also consider using an inflatable heatshield or the DLC robotics to make a sort of net or blade (kind of like the ninja hellfire the Americans used a few months back to do a few little antics) Scatter weapons which are linear in nature, like the booster boosts it to speed, then linear decouplers activate to have as many smaller warheads as you want. Could possibly do more damage.
  7. I've given this topic some thought and here's what I've came up with. - A small missile won't be able to take out a massive battleship, so these missiles are more like ASAT's than Harpoons, Kitchens, or Sandboxes. So how do we do it? 1. Install a mod which gives you extremely accurate "docking" info (How close your intercepts are), like MechJeb 2. Boot up KSP. 3. Build a rocket to your specifications of size and DV. 4. Launch into an orbit matching the target. 5. Then burn to raise you Pe of your orbit by 450m/s, or however much fuel is on your missile 6. Circularize your orbit. 7. Create a maneuver node which intersects the target as closely as possible (<0.5*target radius) m. 8. Execute that stray satellite you could also have a few clusters to take out a larger craft with a small missile Ahhh yeah i thought these more like space RIM's than like Harpoons
  8. you need speed. lots of speed you'll need some form of autopilot, but i recommend having a rocket with as much DV as possible with as high TWR as possible. A single thumper SRB could do some relatively significant damage i reckon. You could then for the warhead have it as a like a cluster bomb. Loads of radial separators could in theory work...
  9. Just have KSP open, not discord as well You'll also get more performance out of your game as well Just like, use Discord on your phone if your talking to your friends...
  10. So in order to save Ryaja from the wrath of the moderators I will step in, and summon @Strawberry
  11. I struggle to run over 1.5 gigs... (For reference I do Restock/+, waterfall, NFE and NFP plus a few little things like Unkerballed Start, Engine lighting relit, CTT and so on) Thats with 8GB of RAM Good Goodness, what the kraken. Thats insane There's no technical limit, its hardware based. And eventually you start to run out of mods.
  12. …. right… so you could play THIS behemoth of a mod on you laptop? what are your secrets???
  13. @Noah Foloni Hey I was reading one of your earlier posts, and i couldn't help but see that you were playing this mod with no visuals because your computer wasn't good enough. May i please know your specs? This mod looks an absolute banger, shame my potato probs cant run it Thank you
  14. okkkkk.... Thats a massive question. Most decent part mods which are updated for 1.12.3 have some CTT compatibility, and oh my lord are their alot of these. Its not that hard to write your own patches though. Most mods tell you if they are compatible or not Ill give you a little list All of the Near Future Suite (Made by the myth, the man, the legend, Nertea (Who is now part of the KSP 2 team)) Far Future Technologies (Also Nertea) Heat Control (Needed if you want to use FFT, made by Nertea) Stock alike Station Parts expansion Redux (again Nertea) HabTech 2 (ISS Parts) BDB (Bluedog Design Bereau, American Parts) The Tantares Set (Russian parts) Modular Kolonization System (MKS) OPT spaceplane continued Tundra Exploration Airplane Plus Mk2 Stockaike Expansion Mk3 Stockalike Expansion reDIRECT Feline Utility Rovers These next mods are NOT part mods, but much are loved and if you mod your game, you really should always use them Restock Restock+ Waterfall Waterfall for Restock Parallax 2.0 Scatter AVP, SVE, or Spectra Any planet pack (FFT has engines with an Isp of 600x more efficient than the nuke engines in stock KSP). I recommend Strange New Worlds, Sauwel System, Kcalbeloh System, Before Kerbin, After Kerbin, Beyond Home, The World Beyond, or even RSS if you are feeling adventurous. BUT A WARNING. ONLY USE 1 AT A TIME OR YOU WILL HAVE HORRIBLE PROBLEMS. Pick one and use it. I hope this helps And happy KSP-ing
  15. Ah ok Yeah it really shod have gone in there I'll do that next time Thanks
  16. Difference between DDR4 and DDR5? Would having DDR5 allow me to run more mods than if i had the same amount of ram but with DDR4?
  17. https://spacedock.info/mod/3136/QuackPack
  18. Ok let's keep it polite people. I am neither for nor against. It doesn't really change what KSP 2 is. I'm all for having analogues of famous space people (Ride, Valentina, so on so on), and people from the LGBTQI+ (I think that's it?) community, it would be a great addition and add some much-needed diversity to the stock 4 kerbonaughts.. But remember that this is just a space game. Sure, it would be cool to have some more new and famous people, but I'm not to fussed. Thats my opinion.
  19. Trying to run all the NF suite with that much Ram aint gonna work out? Did you recently add any more mods? Change anything? If not, then im not going to be able to help you
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