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  1. I wish i could see it... Ngl those photos are really dark...
  2. I want rask and rusk's theme to be palindromic maybe rask and rusk's theme is palindromic to a really cold planet i would be kinda cool
  3. yes i want this i want this now some make a mod about this for KSP 1
  4. Is removing files and parts from mods (Deleting them) against certain licensing rules?
  5. always good for us people who cant afford something which aint a 6 yea old potato
  6. It is called magic, i believe Does anyone know how interstellar mods have worlds so far away from each other (In the order of trillions), without completley breaking the game and causing square orbits??
  7. why has your space agency lasted that long! Surely Kerbin has collapsed into civil warfare and complete anhelation!!. KSP sucks when things go very far away I have no idea how interstellar mods do it without completely breaking the game.
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