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  1. always good for us people who cant afford something which aint a 6 yea old potato
  2. It is called magic, i believe Does anyone know how interstellar mods have worlds so far away from each other (In the order of trillions), without completley breaking the game and causing square orbits??
  3. why has your space agency lasted that long! Surely Kerbin has collapsed into civil warfare and complete anhelation!!. KSP sucks when things go very far away I have no idea how interstellar mods do it without completely breaking the game.
  4. 1.12.3 i believe was a bug patch and graphics update. Does the mod say something like "accept" in the game and carry on?
  5. Thanks anyway. You'd be surprised how far 8gb goes with modding I can play Kerbal Atomics, NFE,NFP, the restocks and water fall and many more. Oh and eve. Nice clouds.
  6. I get it if the license problems where resolved How much ram should be required.
  7. *fingers, toes, legs, arms, necks, eyes are crossed* I hope so
  8. Nice. so about 1.5 Rocketdyne F1 engines Very Nice.
  9. …. impressive, I must say. Well, i know what I'm doing this weekend I'm also assuming you would need fft or IE for this to travel between the stars.
  10. So do i need Tantares and BDB, cos I dont want anything that i dont need (8gb of ram causes some mod problems) Can i get away with not having it, or will it cause the contracts to have parts i dont have?
  11. Wouldnt it be possible to write my own patch for it, though? Would you just copy the part requires stuff, put in the part and move it around?
  12. Does this mod work in 1.12?
  13. When will SLS launch What time, thats the most important thing for me.
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