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  1. I wish there was a sandbox mode, but I fully understand your opinion. thank you
  2. It's a great painting. I like this one
  3. Various weather is a wonderful function that I haven't thought of. But it doesn't matter if you don't have these features.
  4. I downloaded this mode and ran it, but the planets are a little different from the pictures in this post. Do you have any guesses? (scatterer version 0.0772) (Resolution is 16k and 32k, respectively) https://imgur.com/a/tUxSTrS
  5. I see. thank you for telling me what you think. And that's a good question. My idea has no purpose. I don't want my idea to affect ksp2. Because I've only been to the moon yet, and there are countless people who know better than me. As I said earlier, I just enjoyed the innocence of sharing my foolish thoughts with my friends without thinking about the feasibility. I'm sorry for the confusion caused by the ephemeral comments. I may have been aware of it implicitly. I just wanted to talk.
  6. Yeah thank you for your understanding. and can you tell me why it sounded like micro management? is there a standard? I want to learn.
  7. Thank you for your opinion. but I just shared my opinion with others. I didn't force. I was enjoying my innocence. You're right
  8. How about changing the eva suit manually? It might be a little troublesome, but. if you don't wear an eva suit, you can't go out. or you can go out without an eva suit, but you die in space. it will be very sad.
  9. Oh.. I just found out. anyway, thank you for pulling Mod out of the water.
  10. thank you so much maria sirona!
  11. Thank you for welcoming me!
  12. Nice to meet you. Vanamonde! thank you
  13. Your mode is the best. It's a pity you couldn't join the ksp2 team
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