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  1. Well I have actually planned a video with stock parts:-) the things is, that when it is a cinematic historical show that portrays real life missions, it is much better to use the mods that can give me crafts like Freedom 7 or Gemini 3;-)
  2. Hm, no, it´s from the awesome documentary from Discovery. It´s called "When we left the earth";-)
  3. Hey! I was in KSP/filmmaking mood so I decided to make a trailer for my show "KSP Cinematic. I really hope you enjoy it. Please leave a nice comment, and tell me what you think about the trailer. Subscribe if you like what you see:-) Link to trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ca9jsjvVt4
  4. No, it is the Gemini/mercury Mod pack at Spaceport;-) You can find it here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/gemini-and-mercury-frizzank-aeronautical-space-administration-fasa/
  5. This is a video that I made a while back. The videos portrays the Gemini 3 missions and is a part of my KSP Cinematic show. I really hope that you enjoy the video. Please leave a comment and subscribe if you like what you see, because more is coming! Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_npFEpSQ8Cg
  6. Here is my newest video in a show that I have on my channel with Kerbal Space Program. Please leave a comment and subscribe if you like what you see:-) Enjoy! Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fffvBwfuTPY
  7. Ok, thanks for the tip:) Glad you liked it
  8. The monster was standing on it´s pad. Waiting, waiting for someone to press the booster button that would either be successful, or cause half the continent to explode! Years of engineering, testing, thinking and more testing had lead up to this day. The day were Kerbals would leave the chains of Kerbin and explore worlds beyond their own. Three kerbals had flown from Kousten in their jet and had just landed next to the huge rocket, that was standing in the KSC launch facility. The three kerbals where named: 'Bill Kerman, Jeb Kerman and Bob Kerman. As they got suited up, Bill and Bob started to look worried. Jeb Could not understand them. He was soooo exited for this mission. He loved to fly, and his motto was: If we explode, we explode! ??? ;P Jeb was the commander, Bill was the command module pilot and Bob was the Munar module pilot. kerbals did not know what a Munar module pilot was at that time, but it sounded cool. After they where done, they went to the rocket and got strapped into the small Merkury capsule on top of it. This was only a sub-orbital mission and in about 12 minutes, they would be safe with both legs on Kerbin again. That is, if everything had went as planned. The countdown started: 10 9 8 7 6 5... Jeb was bored, and when there was only five seconds left of the countdown, he could not wait any longer, so he pushed a big button that looked like this: The hole place started to shake. The vibrations started, and the rocket started to climp. Bill and Bob started to scream in terror, while Jeb started to laugh. This was the coolest thing he had ever been in involved in! 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet... Faster and faster. Suddently the capsule separated and three kerbals where in space for the first time! 8) Jeb: Where in freeking spaaaaaaaace!! How crazy is that!! Bob: AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Bill: AHHHHHHHHHHH!! Jeb: Stop screaming! But Jebs command did not help. So he did the only thing he could do. He pressed a big blue button, and the door opened. Jeb was holding on to his seat, while Bill and Bob was sucked out of the spacecraft! Jeb closed the door. Jeb: Holy moly! Well now they are not screaming anymore, so that is good. I will bring them home on a later mission. Now I want ice-cream. Jeb flipped the retro switch and was welcomed home as a hero, and he got his ice-cream. =P THE END (Bill and Bob was picked up in the next mission. They where very mad at Jeb, but became good friends with him again)
  9. Recreate the Apollo 13 mission using the Kerpollo mod parts (download them on http://www.kspyard.com/. You have to use Mechjeb as the Apollo Guidence computer. You will need to turn it off after you get around the Mun. You will also have to turn the sas of, caps look of, simply everything that is on have to be turned off. Also the engine on the C/SM. (Just right click on it, and turn it off. You will also have to do the burns with the Descent engine on the LM, just like in real life. You will have to make the burns without any computer or guidance system or anything. You will have to get the re-entry attitude of about 31 km. You will also have to go close by the Mun like in the Apollo 13 movie and in real life. I have done this myself. Good luck!! 8)
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