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  1. Hello, king of nowhere, you can gain access to the folder of steam screenshots by opening Steam, pressing the option of View that you will see in the top left, and then pressing the option that says “Screenshots.” We hope that this will work for the users in choosing where to find steam screenshots at hand. Here just go for the menu and you will find an option at the top from where you can choose a game’s screenshots before you are about to tap the option that says Show on Disk. As the last step, you will see that the screenshot folder will pop up via automatic processing in a new window where the path in the address bar is the one where you will be able to see screenshots for that game saved.
  2. The Zephyr is the first design from the Kerbal Defense Force and is considered to be a 'universal' unit, being more than capable of effectively performing combat duties in any environment. It's small size allows for increased maneuverability that other Mobile Suit designs simply can't match.
  3. Eeloo Mobile Base is a design by Digile has been specifically designed to house the building blocks of life on hostile planets light years away and packing them into a fully space-worthy cargo vessel that can reach safely any destination at an affordable price. The Eeloo colonist will live inside the freight modules, protected from any environmental hazard with an excellent quality of life. They will also be able to enjoy the privacy afforded by having their own personal bedroom!
  4. Imagine that you had a mobile lab where you could run experiments with real people. These experiments might not be ethical because users would not know that their data was being used for an experiment. What's your question for these experiments?
  5. I have accumulated a large amount of data in regards to interplanetary transfers and it is my suspicion that the Stock Maneuver creator provides significantly better transfer windows than the Alaram Clock. Although, I have not done a statistical analysis with this data yet since I am unsure of how to do so, I thought that perhaps one of you would be interested in this question and might want to look at it for me.
  6. I have been looking for a couple of days now, and cant seem to find anything good. OBS seems to only work on windows 7, fraps is too hard to use with KSP settings and causes lag and I got 4k so the recorded video is REALLY big.
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