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  1. I'm kinda inclined to agree. The bubbles just dont really seem to fit Eve in my opinion.
  2. I... bro, that's epic. Welp, I must admit, you did beat it. And you managed to beat what I thought was the highest possible score. Bravo. You deserve that badge. It was actually due to a glitch that the lander was there in the first place. When I was setting up the Galaksy to make it look destroyed, I had an engineer outside just moving stuff in EVA construction. But then, that weird glitch happened where you wouldn't fall when you jumped. So I went to the tracking station and then back to the ship to see if it would reset, but the Kerbal just died. So I had to make a small lander, make it look broken, then teleport it to the ship, to make it seem like a exploration lander that was broken off the main ship, all of that just to make sure it was still 15 Kerbals. So really, if the kraken never attacked that engineer Kerbal, it's possible that you wouldn't have gotten it into orbit. Darn you, kraken? Also, the struts are in one of the Hitchhikers, in case you were looking for them EDIT: I'd assume you'd launch a refueling craft, since you said there wasn't enough fuel?
  3. That's not a kraken drive. That's the kraken driving you.
  4. Good points. I'll update the recording rules to allow cuts whenever you pause/when you load a quicksave. Also, that's a long time to go without quicksaving (i may or may not be guilty of that...) I think the spooky space aliens would be very happy if you removed evidence of a crash from the planet. I'm not entirely sure if grabbing the ship would count as landing (you don't technically land, but then the ships join, but are still kinda separate... does it count as landing if you become part of the landed vessel? I have no clue). I think I would say yes, it does count as landing, unfortunately for you. However, if you can actually manage to bring the ship back with you, I think you'd definitely deserve getting those lost points back (and it would coincide with 2010: Oddysey Two, if you've ever read it).
  5. The maiden voyage of the Galaksy Interplanetry Kerbal Transport Vessek has ended in disaster. Crashed on the icy surface of Vall after an emergency retrograde burn, the 15 Kerbals stuck on the moon are in need of rescue. Seems simple, right? However, you shouldn't forget the single message left by the beings who left the monoliths: "All these worlds are yours--except Vall. Attempt no landings there." You might be able to stretch the rule and say that the crash landing wasn't attemping to land there, Vall just happened to be the closest celestial body when the KAL-5500 autopilot malfunctioned (darn you, kraken!). However, it wouldn't be a good idea to test the alien's ire. After all, they have the power to turn Jool into a star. So here is where this rescue mission gets difficult. This is the challenge you must conquer: You must save the Kerbals from Vall, WITHOUT landing on the surface You must send a rescue ship to Vall, and rescue as many Kerbals as possible. You don't necessarily have to save all of them, but it would nice if you did (and it would give you lots of points ). The catch is that your ship is not allowed to touch the surface of Vall at all. You are allowed to land on the crashed Galaksy, but if you wish to not anger the spooky space aliens more, it would be better not to (and, yet again, you would get more points) Rules Mods Mods are allowed in this challenge. If you do use mods, you can not use any that alter game physics/mechanics, e.g. gravity modifications. Stock runs are allowed to use DLC, information mods (such as KER), and visual mods. Mission Kraken drives, exploits, and the cheat menu are not allowed. The rescue ship must make it back to Kerbin safely, and all Kerbals aboard (regardless of how many you save) must survive reentry. This challenge is not timed, so take your time if you want to make gravity assists or other maneuvers to save delta V. The mission may be manned or unmanned, no points are lost or gained for choosing either. The "no landing" rule applies to everything you make, even probes. Debris hitting the surface is allowed, as long as you can confirm it exploded. The Kerbals on the crashed vessel are allowed to touch the surface of Vall, but don't stray far from the crashed ship. Any Kerbals you bring with you in the rescue ship are not allowed to touch the surface. Proof A full video recording is the preferred method. If you record the mission, do not make any cuts in the video. You are allowed to speed up the footage. The exceptions to the no video cuts rule is when you load a quicksave, or when you pause. So you can cut to skip through long pauses and failed attempts where you had to quickload back. (Thanks QF9E for telling me about this) Screenshots are allowed, just make sure you have enough, and that you capture the most important events in the mission. Scoring +100 points for each Kerbal rescued from Vall (out of 15). 1,500 points are possible here, so make sure to rescue as many as possible. -50 points for each descent into Vall (so if you send 3 rescue pods, that would be -150 points). You could loose up to 750 points here, so try to keep the number of descents to a minimum. +200 points if you never land on the crashed ship. +150 points if you do the whole rescue mission in one launch (you do not need to rescue every Kerbal). +201 points for rescuing every Kerbal. for a maximum of 2001 points Leaderboard If you think the rules or scoring system should be changed, please tell me, and I'll look over your suggestion. And, as always, your bravery in this rescue operation will be rewarded with a special badge to addorn your signature with (Higher res version here if anybody wants it): Download the save file from this link: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/717048644708073537/987024923090370590/Attempt_No_Landings_There.zip Good luck, kerbonauts!
  6. That would be amazing. If we could get a bunch of parts similar to the Station Parts Expansion Redux mod, it would be very cool (and very stock ). Mods work fine alot of the time, but there's just something about stock parts which makes me want to use stock parts over modded parts.
  7. Can I send screenshots instead? If I can, what important events do I need to screenshot?
  8. Thanks! I'll try out this challenge later today maybe.
  9. A nice cinematic shot I got when docking to a space station.
  10. The save file link is dead, does anybody have a backup?
  11. I'm really enjoying this! I'm glad I discovered this right before the climax of this series. Once this is done, I would love to see future programs in this Kerbal universe you've made.
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