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  1. They're 100% exposed and not even getting a trickle. Parts that came with RO and addon parts show the same effect.
  2. Any ideas why solar panels wouldn't be working? Running RO, RP-0, etc. They're showing light on the panels but no energy flow.
  3. Not a shuttle, not even a difficult vehicle to create, I'm not raging, my words are just fine. Take a chill pill ace and ease up on the insults before you get reported.
  4. Okay? Your thread suffers from a severe lack of information.
  5. Making a model of a shuttle is maybe 25% at most of what it takes to create a mod for this game. He hasn't even finished a single model in this thread let alone textures, interiors, game importation, and of course the data files. I suggest you impatient kids get a hobby, go outdoors, or something because I really doubt you'll be seeing any results any time soon from this thread, if at all.
  6. Just my 2 cents but I don't think you need both crew members crowded around the front like that. Maybe have one in a flight engineer position behind the pilot giving readouts or something instead. Purely an aesthetic opinion.
  7. The US Space Shuttle did use TACAN, although for the approach they used a microwave landing system.
  8. Why isn't this just part of your other thread? Do you really need a separate thread for this?
  9. That's a lot of detail for something nobody is going to look at up close. I bet you could cut that tri count in half and forget about bump or spec mapping it.
  10. Great work Helldiver. I'm really loving your texture style. I can't wait for the release. Can I suggest for after you finish the main shuttle for additional parts that allow you to customize the craft. For example, an unmanned cockpit section for something like an X-37. Or maybe a mini version for station crew transfers, etc. Keep up the great work!
  11. Heh, I finally fixed it with the regedit. Had to force the graphics setting. There's still some blockiness on my normal map, but I think that's a result of the unity conversion, the textures look much more acceptable now. Thanks for your help guys.
  12. Must be. Not really sure what I need to do to fix that. Everything is maxed out in the settings.
  13. This is what I'm thinking its doing, unless the conversion is just really terrible. Is there a settings.cfg guide somewhere for increasing graphics settings? That has pretty much nothing to do with this problem.
  14. I played with all the options, including trilinear. It always looks like its just dumping the resolution. Here's some examples of what I'm seeing.
  15. I left the size as the same as the texture, 1024, and any setting other then compressed causes the game to freeze on load.
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