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  1. They're 100% exposed and not even getting a trickle. Parts that came with RO and addon parts show the same effect.
  2. Any ideas why solar panels wouldn't be working? Running RO, RP-0, etc. They're showing light on the panels but no energy flow.
  3. Not a shuttle, not even a difficult vehicle to create, I'm not raging, my words are just fine. Take a chill pill ace and ease up on the insults before you get reported.
  4. Okay? Your thread suffers from a severe lack of information.
  5. Making a model of a shuttle is maybe 25% at most of what it takes to create a mod for this game. He hasn't even finished a single model in this thread let alone textures, interiors, game importation, and of course the data files. I suggest you impatient kids get a hobby, go outdoors, or something because I really doubt you'll be seeing any results any time soon from this thread, if at all.
  6. Just my 2 cents but I don't think you need both crew members crowded around the front like that. Maybe have one in a flight engineer position behind the pilot giving readouts or something instead. Purely an aesthetic opinion.
  7. The US Space Shuttle did use TACAN, although for the approach they used a microwave landing system.
  8. Why isn't this just part of your other thread? Do you really need a separate thread for this?
  9. That's a lot of detail for something nobody is going to look at up close. I bet you could cut that tri count in half and forget about bump or spec mapping it.
  10. Great work Helldiver. I'm really loving your texture style. I can't wait for the release. Can I suggest for after you finish the main shuttle for additional parts that allow you to customize the craft. For example, an unmanned cockpit section for something like an X-37. Or maybe a mini version for station crew transfers, etc. Keep up the great work!
  11. Heh, I finally fixed it with the regedit. Had to force the graphics setting. There's still some blockiness on my normal map, but I think that's a result of the unity conversion, the textures look much more acceptable now. Thanks for your help guys.
  12. Must be. Not really sure what I need to do to fix that. Everything is maxed out in the settings.
  13. This is what I'm thinking its doing, unless the conversion is just really terrible. Is there a settings.cfg guide somewhere for increasing graphics settings? That has pretty much nothing to do with this problem.
  14. I played with all the options, including trilinear. It always looks like its just dumping the resolution. Here's some examples of what I'm seeing.
  15. I left the size as the same as the texture, 1024, and any setting other then compressed causes the game to freeze on load.
  16. I've created at part with a 1024x diffuse and normal map. In Unity it looks right but when I write it for game and look at in KSP, I'm seeing a pretty drastic drop in resolution on both the normal and the diffuse, almost like its halved the resolution. Is this to be expected? Is some settings in Unity I'm missing? I've played with most of the settings but nothing seems to increase the quality. This isn't a debate about appropriate texture sizes for parts, just trying to figure out how to get a good quality texture in the game through Unity. EDIT: I'd add pics but my pic account is in maintenan
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