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  1. I believe it will work fine in the GameData folder though you must rename the file extension to a .cfg in order for it to take effect. A bit late, but I hope this helps!
  2. I don't believe it does. It could, but if it does I'm either unaware of it or JNSQ just doesn't ever take advantage of it.
  3. -Name | Doe V (Part 2) -Goal | Send a probe into the Kerbin-Mun L4 Lagrange point. -Events | A burn to exit LKO utilized the rest of the upper stage, the booster sepratrons, and the Ant engine. It reached near the Mun's orbit in the perfect position to enter the Kerbin-Mun L4 point. Another burn brought it into that point, then another optimized the orbit. -Outcome | Success (with principia minmus is closer to kerbin than the mun so the system stays stable because celestial bodies also experience pulling and can pull others themselves) PS: if any of this confuses you don't be afraid to ask me to (try to) explain!
  4. -Name | Doe V (Part 1) -Goal | Send a probe into low Kerbin orbit to prepare it for further advancement. -Events | Launch and ascent were nominal again. Utilizing a handy autopilot to take it for a test run in the field, it detached the drop tanks at the perfect time. The lower stage was detached as soon as it ran out while the powerful upper stage powered the rest of the trip though the ascent angle was a bit too gentle, requiring manual intervention. The fairing was decoupled once the spacecraft breached the atmosphere. The upper stage was powerful enough to carry the probe into orbit and have a bit of fuel to spare, proving its effectiveness. -Outcome | Success (sorry for no longscreen this time)
  5. I'm thinking of a semi-shuttle to actually send kerbals to space (some intrepid plane strapped to the top of a rocket) as well as many many more satellites (and relays hopefully soon) to sling into Kerbin-Mun L4 and L5. I also intend to take full advantage of Principia with lots of orbital spaghetti fun later on.
  6. Amazing, and impressive! Even without many inconvenient BARIS failures the inclusion of manual error makes it so immersive! + weebil (bonus points)
  7. -Name | Doe IV -Goal | Send a probe into orbit to establish direct communications. -Events | Launch and ascent were nominal. Following a late detachment of the drop tanks, the lower stage fuel tank sprung a leak though it was almost empty as well as a declared failure of the upper stage engine. After detaching the lower stage, the upper stage turned out to be perfectly fine. Late after detachment from the lower stage, the fairing was decoupled. Before detaching the upper stage, it sprang a leak as well once it was almost empty. It was detached after a few small burns with it. The probe itself extended its antennae and powered the rest of the flight, engaging a circularization burn after a meaningless failure of the sepratron boosters. -Outcome | Success (finallyyyyy-)
  8. I'm only using the Near Future Aeronautics mod which is an unspecified part in the Near Future Technologies. It adds a lot of large spaceplane parts as well as Restock+ which can add just a few parts that are useful to me spaceplane wise, but I'll look into what you've presented as well. Baris is rather realistic with failures, but as you've seen they can be very frequent especially when there's no pilot available. Pilots seem to be able to "Jurry rig" fixes for some failures that can be crucial to a mission's success. It's a great challenge, but it does give the game a new kind of suspense.
  9. -Name | Doe III-Goal | Send a probe into orbit to establish direct communications.-Events | Seconds after launch, the primary engine exploded leading the craft to fall back onto the launchpad. After a bounce, a bit of the first stage and the entirety of the rest of the rocket was able to be recovered safely. -Outcome | Failure
  10. -Name | Doe II-Goal | Send a probe into orbit to establish direct communications.-Events | Another nominal takeoff was disrupted by the explosion of two out of the three solid rocket boosters, again sending the craft reeling retrograde. The remaining one was detached promptly and the rocket attempted to continue upwards. The trajectory was however incredibly low and detachment of the lower stage led the probe to fall apart again off of the upper stage.-Outcome | Failure
  11. Got a new computer, so performance and visuals should be through the roof! Unfortunately, my streak of catastrophic failures has kept up. -Name | Doe I-Goal | Send a probe into orbit to establish direct communications.-Events | A nominal takeoff was followed by the detonation of a solid rocket booster, sending the craft into a retrograde trajectory soon after takeoff. After separation from the boosters, overcompensation for the suddenly absent torque downwards knocked the craft around enough for it to fall apart in the air once again, leading a shower of shrapnel to fall just west of the KSC.-Outcome | Failure
  12. Beep moop mission 2! -Name | Fennec II-Goal | Breach the Karman line.-Events | Employing Valentina this time after a quick refit, takeoff goes well with a quick ascent up from the ground. During the ascent up which is sharper this time to accommodate the need for only entering space, the thrust limiter on one of the Junos is calibrated incorrectly however this error is brief enough to avoid disrupting anything. Once again, just above the cloud layer, the aerospike's thrust limiter is removed. Soon after, the Junos burn out. The craft performs nominally, but a mistaken pull upwards again tears the craft apart, leaving only the command pod intact. Valentina stays in and exits soon after and glides down safely with her parachute to the sea below her.-Outcome | Failure
  13. Stage 1, "Prelude" -Name | Fennec I-Goal | Breach the Karman Line.-Events | Takeoff went well and the dual Junos performed nominally after a quick fix on Jeb's part. Soon after the Fennec breached the cloud layer, the Juno engines burnt out due to a lack of atmospheric oxygen. Then, the Javelin aerospike engine's thrust limit was removed, allowing it to boost at full speed to compensate for the lack of the Junos support and hopefully to nudge the trajectory into space. An excessive jolt upwards which Jeb passionately insists was "Turbulence. 100%." tore the aircraft apart leaving the command module separated from the rest of the craft as the flying shrapnel fell to dust in the air. The bare command module fell to the sea near the KSC rapidly. Jeb was able to exit the command module and deploy his personal parachute, gliding down to safety and splashing down in the water.-Outcome | Failure
  14. Project Lepidoptera Taking after one of my close friends, I've decided to start a JNSQ, story-oriented sandbox save. There aren't really any specific restrictions I have in place, but I do want to progress realistically. Difficulty Highlights: Kerbals do not respawn, parts and Kerbals have G limits and parts also have Temperature limits. Key mods are: Mission List: Chapter List: Chapter/Stage 1
  15. Thanks, I should be able to prolong my stay this time since my interest in rocket science and orbital mechanics seems to be as stable as a relay satellite fixed in either the L4 or L5 Sun-Earth Lagrange points.
  16. After a road bumpier than the ride to orbit, I've arrived. I've played KSP a lot before and I likely have a little upwards of a thousand hours, and I have been here in the forums before, but I lost my old account and I felt that the simpler solution would just be to create a new one, so here I am as a familiar space chicken.
  17. Since I'm awfully inactive, I'd rather post my art here than make my own topic. I hope you don't mind! This down here is my most recent drawing, and I'm especially proud of it. This one's a little less recent and doesn't have as much effort put in, but I like it almost as much. Now for a more spaceflight oriented one. This one's the least recent of all, but I think it's holding up well.
  18. Denied. @Misguided Kerbal is probably going to find their way here though.
  19. If anyone is curious and hasn't yet found out why at a certain point burning retrograde doesn't push you any further back and seems stuck, it's because the retrograde direction moves to the opposite of where it was before, causing it to get stuck. If you want to be able to push farther, you'll have to make a new node right after that goes prograde or just handle the burn yourself without mission planning. Please correct me if I'm wrong or missing anything.
  20. I don't think I have the time, or passion, to continue racing. Anyways, since your save was corrupted this is yet another reason to stop.
  21. Because I was not so patient, LQD-2 Crashed upon landing. The mission plan was to land on Gilly. After getting into orbit a sub-optimal orbit it was deorbited. It underwent rapid unscheduled ground-based compression and the pilot is currently deemed missing in action. No rewards were claimed from this mission.
  22. This is the flight of LQD-1, Upgrade. This craft reached orbit. Here are the events that happened during re-entry and landing. Flight recovered at 1 hour and 14 minutes into the race. The LQD-2 was launched shortly after the LQD-1 got into orbit, I'll be deorbiting the LQD-2 soon.
  23. Here's my summary of my 2nd flight, the BCR-2 "Sounding Rod". I always pack plenty of experiments so I can scrape off as much science as I can. Now here's the science and how it was used. It is now 15 minutes into the science playthrough.
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