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  1. Tried that, didn't work. LqdWater in the CRP is set us a Resource, not a Fuel, so it drains evenly across the entire vessel at once. This meant that the first stage engine would drain the second stage tank. I couldn't fix this without changing the drain rules in CRP from ALL_VESSEL to Stage Priority. Hence I made the custom fuel
  2. I hate myself and ARCA, and I wanted to make my entrance into the modding scene as painful and full of irony as possible
  3. I have gone entirely off the numbers given by ARCA. Please understand that I am no fan of the rocket, and I fully agree with you. In fact, I kind of vehemently hate EcoRocket, I merely made this mod out of spite to prove that even using the numbers arca provide, the rocket is awful.
  4. License added, thanks for the heads up. Also in regards to your comment on CRP. I have checked, and their fuels did not meet my needs
  5. An accurate ARCAspace EcoRocket mod for KSP I have been slowly working on this mod for KSP over the past week, which introduces the EcoRocket, ARCAspaces steam powered Green Rocket from Romania. So far the mod features all of the parts to construct the current EcoRocket design on the ARCAspace website, and is accurately scaled to real life (although I would not recommend actually using this on RSS or something similar, it will not reach orbit no matter how hard you try) Current features include: All of the parts needed for One EcoRocket Interchangeable Tank variants so you can choose between Flags, Logo, or Plain Custom fuels "Heated Water", "RP-1" and "High Test Peroxide" to adhere to the goal of realism Custom Waterfall plumes for maximum visual satisfaction There is a lot of jank sadly with this mod, as it is my first time ever modding for KSP, so if you have any suggestions, bugs to report, or just words to get across to me, you can contact me through twitter, which is linked on my github page. Download Links GitHub: https://github.com/cmdrads/kspEcoRocket SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3050/EcoRocket Also available through CKAN! License: GNU-GPL 3.0 Dependencies: Waterfall is an absolute requirement, while ReScale and Conformal Decals are highly recommended!
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