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  1. Regarding the big roadmap features development (science, interstellar, etc), are the dev team working on those alongside regular patches and bug fixes, or are the big ticket items the sort of thing you've put on hold while stabilising the game with smaller patches?
  2. Those reentry effects are certainly complex and interesting. Can we expect something similar in terms of Shock Cones?
  3. Nice news that you are going with concurrent binary trees. I have just quickly skimmed through some papers and videos (you've likely already watched them lmao) and it does appear to be a very interesting and very exciting system. Good work and good luck, I cannot wait
  4. the update on progress is nice but having to wait multiple more weeks for the game to even begin to be playable isn't fun. What is stopping you from just pushing the current fixes now? and then work on more later
  5. well said, I am currently very sad that modding is nigh impossible. I hope for change soon
  6. I can't wait to finally have better modding tools and better modding file formats it's gonna speed up my workflow so much
  7. this vehicle is tremendously heavy, on the order of 10,000 metric tons in KSP. It sounds like you aren't using autostrut and rigid attachments
  8. yeah something dodgy is going on with the model, I'll try to figure it out this week
  9. im still in the process of balancing the propellant amounts so it may behave a bit strangely
  10. Stock Scale refers to the fact that the parts are balanced and scaled against the stock parts, which it turns out, are actually balanced for a solar system that is 2.7x larger, or a quarter of real life
  11. Hey all! I have dropped a little patch onto GitHub and SpaceDock fixing some balancing issues! Let me know how it goes!
  12. If you like the mods I make feel free to support me on Patreon or Ko-fi Any donations help fund new tools for better mods! DOWNLOADS Github | SpaceDock License: MIT Credits: Thanks to @CobaltWolf and @Zorg for constantly helping me while making this mod, couldn't have done it without you! Dependencies (Not Included! Make sure to download): Bluedog Design Bureau - This mod makes use of a lot of custom configs from BDB as well as using the J-2 for its TVC Engines (Honestly if you don't have this are you even playing KSP?) Simple Adjustable Fairings - Allows for the very huge, solid and 8 Segmented fairing that sits on top of this rocket. Waterfall - These huge and beautiful engine plumes are thanks to this mod, make sure to grab it! FAQ What is this mod? Why did you make it? I wanted my fellow Sea Dragon fans to have a mod to play with that didn't require the usage of a RSS scaled solar system, was up to date in terms of artstyle, and also was more accurate to the original design study documents published in the 60s. Mods that original added Sea Dragon, most notably, RSSeaDragon, have quite an out dated art style and haven't been maintained for quite a while. I am also the first one to implement the correct expanding nozzle design! Why is this so powerful?! I managed to get to the outer solar system easily! Stock Scale Sea Dragon is designed for usage on a 2.5x / 2.7x Scale Solar System Only. You can choose to use a rescaled stock system, or KSRSS Reborn, or anything of that scale if you choose, as those are what this mod is designed for. How much payload is this rocket able to lift? This mods rocket is designed to lift about 220 in-game tons into an orbit of about 120km in KSRSS or similar scale systems.
  13. Tried that, didn't work. LqdWater in the CRP is set us a Resource, not a Fuel, so it drains evenly across the entire vessel at once. This meant that the first stage engine would drain the second stage tank. I couldn't fix this without changing the drain rules in CRP from ALL_VESSEL to Stage Priority. Hence I made the custom fuel
  14. I hate myself and ARCA, and I wanted to make my entrance into the modding scene as painful and full of irony as possible
  15. I have gone entirely off the numbers given by ARCA. Please understand that I am no fan of the rocket, and I fully agree with you. In fact, I kind of vehemently hate EcoRocket, I merely made this mod out of spite to prove that even using the numbers arca provide, the rocket is awful.
  16. License added, thanks for the heads up. Also in regards to your comment on CRP. I have checked, and their fuels did not meet my needs
  17. An accurate ARCAspace EcoRocket mod for KSP I have been slowly working on this mod for KSP over the past week, which introduces the EcoRocket, ARCAspaces steam powered Green Rocket from Romania. So far the mod features all of the parts to construct the current EcoRocket design on the ARCAspace website, and is accurately scaled to real life (although I would not recommend actually using this on RSS or something similar, it will not reach orbit no matter how hard you try) Current features include: All of the parts needed for One EcoRocket Interchangeable Tank variants so you can choose between Flags, Logo, or Plain Custom fuels "Heated Water", "RP-1" and "High Test Peroxide" to adhere to the goal of realism Custom Waterfall plumes for maximum visual satisfaction There is a lot of jank sadly with this mod, as it is my first time ever modding for KSP, so if you have any suggestions, bugs to report, or just words to get across to me, you can contact me through twitter, which is linked on my github page. Download Links GitHub: https://github.com/cmdrads/kspEcoRocket SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3050/EcoRocket Also available through CKAN! License: GNU-GPL 3.0 Dependencies: Waterfall is an absolute requirement, while ReScale and Conformal Decals are highly recommended!
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