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  1. by "campaign contract" i just mean the stuff in the mission control building, in campaign/science mode. The hardest one i've seen available was to "conduce temperature surveys of minmus" even though i've never been to minmus or the mun. Just curious because i wonder what the hardest type of thing they offer is.
  2. i put like 30 pollux boosters on a little craft with like 50 science experiments on it, and I didn't think it would orbit the sun(i was mistaken). i want to retrieve it instead of transmitting the science, because there's like 400 science stored on it and i don't want to sacrifice it. heres a screenshot: https://gyazo.com/c3713b8a285c5734254401da52364161 (yellow line is spacecraft, blue is kerbin) what science tree things would i need and how would i do it? please help i dont want to lose 400 science and jebadiah
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