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  1. Are you 100% sure? If thats the case than that is amazing! I hate extraplanetery launchpads because it is so feature bloated but this seems like a great alternative. The thing is I have this uncertainty because restock REPLACES every stock part with its own version (only difference is the skin) while other part mods dont do that. I just hope I wont break the game. Any way to confirm that it does/doesnt work?
  2. Just a question, does anyone know if this mod is compatible with extraplanetary launchpads? I know this changes the stock parts so im just wondering. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I use the restock mod and am wondering if there is anyway that this mod will work with the restock mod? I love that mod to bits as it makes everything look better but I dont know if the part changes will cause simple contruction to not detect the parts that it needs to use. Thanks!
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