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  1. Finally Jimmy posted it!
  2. All Centaur II/III things is now in release 2.1. And now I'm starting to work on the 3.0 release. Here are some pictures:
  3. Yeah, I've been thinking about it. Currently pins working only with big centaur avionics module.
  4. I created a dev branch on github and added some stuff for Centaur II and III to it.
  5. Shuttle Payload Delivery Systems This mod adds: IUS Airborne Support Equipment Centaur (G/G-Prime, II, III) Integrated Support System SpaceLab Pallet with two types of "shelfs" Dependencies: Breaking Ground DLC B9PartSwitch ModuleManager Bluedog Design Bureau Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit What version of KSP is this mod for? I tested this mod on version 1.12.3, but I think it will work with any version that BG works with. What's next? In future I want to add other shuttle payload things like SpaceHab, Integrated Cargo Carrier and more. Recommended mods: SOCK Repainted by @Arthurism SOCK Recolored by @Invaderchaos reCOLOR by @MATVEICH_YT and @AstroMods Screenshots: DOWNLOADS SPACEDOCK GITHUB Available on CKAN Special Thanks to: @CobaltWolf and @benjee10 for making BDB and SOCK @Zorg and @CobaltWolf for helping me making this mod And everyone who supports me during developing Licence: CC BY 4.0
  6. Very great! And together with the mod that I'm currently developing it will look even better : )
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