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  1. i know about galaxys unbound but are there ane others?
  2. well ok but it will after i finish my other planet pack
  3. @jimmymcgoochie it been qwiet
  4. i know a fix the same proplemo happend to me the fix is clic on the scatter icon trun your graphics to max enter the tracking station leave the tracking station then it should be fixed
  5. im sorry man first of i like galxey mods so im looking forwrd to it as for the name i will have a think maybe NimNimix's galaxy?
  6. first i think im allowed to post addon ideas here (corect me if im wrong) but i crazy planet pack idea i have thought and 2 whay to do this (NOTE my syteam is very unrealistic so realisam is not in mind) 1. a star syteam with the planets in the hab zone 2. a star syteam where all the planets and moons are somehow habital. any thorts on this let me know
  7. thank you Jim glad you are Writing for Kerbal Space Program 2
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