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    I am bad at launching manned missions.
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  1. My periapsis was 200km, I timewarped for a manuveur node and it made me go into Kerbin's atmosphere. Mods I have installed: Mechjeb, not on vessel though. CKAN Kerbal Engineer Redux EVE Astronomer's visual pack.
  2. I really liked the look of this pod, but sadly, it was removed. But, I just copied the files from the zdepreciated folder into the command pod folder. Image:https://imgur.com/a/O1vVVw1
  3. Yes, I am know colonising the Mun, I can only figure out how to make a landing... I am bad at getting back.
  4. So I tried 20 times and I finally landed on the Mun. Jeb got out and planted a flag, but I switched craft to change something, accidentally pressed the button, and accidentally switched back, and the other 2 (employed staff not veteran Kerbals) flew away and crashed. How do I rescue him? Image:https://imgur.com/a/utlHqQP
  5. I have been playing KSP for years, then it dawned on me, there is a a KSP forum... I have still yet to land on Minmus or The Mun, and I am still watching tutorials with no progress...
  6. A handcrafted new solar system would be good, maybe only reachable by advanced engines, to give more fun to the later game stages of career mode and science mode.
  7. They will probably have a new system, may get larger versions, and maybe different versions, like ceramic plates would be good on SSTOs like a space shuttles heat system.
  8. Should I get a orbital mod? I have been playing for 4 years and have only gotten to another celestial body once(I am new to the forums, though.)
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