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  1. Original fake review : Welcome, in this horrible text to speech review, we will be looking at Kerbal Space Program. I have played this game a lot since I got it around 2016, and it is due a 2023 sequel so I thought I would make a review on it. Starting with the gameplay, it is quite addicting, but does take about 30 minutes to get used to the mechnanics and controls, and about an hour to get to orbit, speaking about controls, I would try flying a plane, they have similar controls to the rockets, but are more easy to fly(mostly). The mode for making crafts is very easy to use and you just drag and drop parts. You have a whole solar system to explore aswell(if you make a craft with enough fuel, that is.) Now, the game has 3 gamemodes, career mode, science mode, and sandbox. To a beginner, I would recommend getting a hang of things in the unlimited funds sandox mode to focus on learning the controls, weight distribution(so your rocket doesn't tip over) and what engines to use to put your payload into orbit. Moving on, lets look at the general experience, the game will run usually at around 10-30 frames per second on a standard 2013-2016 laptop, around 20-30 on a standard 2017-2018 laptop, and usually 30+ on anything after then. The game is quite well polished and only has a few bugs(the only bug i have is just some minor shadow flickering). One thing I have noticed is that some of the collision is a bit janky on some of the landing gear, but that can usually be fixed by changing some tire traction settings. Does it hold up about a year after its last major update in 2021? I think it does and I think it will get even better as more bug fixing and graphics mods are released. I think anyone interested in rockets, areodynamics, and just anyone in general should give it a try when its still on sale in the Steam Winter Sale. Translated 80 times: Read the beautiful images of Karbala. I've been playing since I bought it in 2016 and I'm looking forward to 2023. You have 30 minutes to find the game and 1 hour to find the developers and drivers. It is very impariseAi tried to make the plane follow the missile but it didn't work. Easy to use, just rub the clay into your fingers (if you work in high salt conditions). Currently, there are trher ways game mode: game mode, studio mode and box mode. First, it features an asymmetric design that helps distribute weighti and at tracking compression (for muscle maintenance). Tested 10-30 fps, 20-30 fps on 2017-2018 and earlier 2013-2016 cars. 30 fps (my only problem is rain). I have a very heavy pan... but it can be reused. The big 2021 update hopefully fixes bugs and new settings. I think you should try snow and ice.
  2. I just need a fast way to slow down my supersonic cargo planes.
  3. This has happened to me on the Mun before on PC, maybe something is corrupt, you might want to try reinstalling?
  4. I use a laptop with these specs, bought it last year for around £500, it runs eve and full graphics at around 24fps(i also had about 45 mods), it's a pretty decent little laptop, my profile picture was screenshotted on my laptop(pfp compression compressed the cheese outta it: CPU:Ryzen 5 4000 GPU:Radeon(not too sure what one) RAM:8gb(0.6gb reserved for Window) SSD:240gb OS:Windows 11
  5. I saw a discussion about this on the steam community , its here>https://steamcommunity.com/app/220200/discussions/0/558751179558138009/?l=norwegian,(it was on the Norwegian version for some reason) and its about train horns. I don't think it ever got resolved, it's from 2014 and searching ''horns ksp'' only comes up with this. I would make it myself, but I don't know that much about modelling the horns, Unity sound, etc. As an idea, the RCS thruster model could be modified and made to emit sound, it already looks like a horn? Thanks.
  6. My periapsis was 200km, I timewarped for a manuveur node and it made me go into Kerbin's atmosphere. Mods I have installed: Mechjeb, not on vessel though. CKAN Kerbal Engineer Redux EVE Astronomer's visual pack.
  7. I really liked the look of this pod, but sadly, it was removed. But, I just copied the files from the zdepreciated folder into the command pod folder. Image:https://imgur.com/a/O1vVVw1
  8. Yes, I am know colonising the Mun, I can only figure out how to make a landing... I am bad at getting back.
  9. So I tried 20 times and I finally landed on the Mun. Jeb got out and planted a flag, but I switched craft to change something, accidentally pressed the button, and accidentally switched back, and the other 2 (employed staff not veteran Kerbals) flew away and crashed. How do I rescue him? Image:https://imgur.com/a/utlHqQP
  10. I have been playing KSP for years, then it dawned on me, there is a a KSP forum... I have still yet to land on Minmus or The Mun, and I am still watching tutorials with no progress...
  11. A handcrafted new solar system would be good, maybe only reachable by advanced engines, to give more fun to the later game stages of career mode and science mode.
  12. They will probably have a new system, may get larger versions, and maybe different versions, like ceramic plates would be good on SSTOs like a space shuttles heat system.
  13. Should I get a orbital mod? I have been playing for 4 years and have only gotten to another celestial body once(I am new to the forums, though.)
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