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  1. Why I Cant zoom out from Kerbol? I saw tutorials on Interstellar Travel and in them they can Zoom out safely when im stuck at the halfway

    Yes - Stars are added when first loading map in the new save i saw her icon from mod descriprion

  2. On 7/19/2022 at 3:27 PM, QF9E said:

    My submission:

    A simple two-stage rocket without any means of steering. Its fixed, non steerable fins keep it on a surface prograde course through the atmosphere, and it has been tilted ever so slightly on the launchpad to initiate the gravity turn. It only needs user input once during its flight, to separate its 1st stage and ignite the upper stage.

    The reason it works at all is that the rocket keeps pitching down, even when it is above the atmosphere. The result of which is that it points approximately prograde orbital at AP. I think what happens is that the rocket gains a bit of angular momentum from its curved trajectory through the atmosphere that it keeps when in space.

    Wow! Thats Great! Never thought about this variant!

  3. 16 hours ago, sevenperforce said:

    Update: using only solids and no control inputs (just a KAL-1000 to time the staging events) I've now got a three-stage fire-and-forget launch vehicle.



    Congrants, sadly that not method i meant  to use, anyways still cool result.

  4. 20 hours ago, hexeract said:

    So the goal is to make a rocket that can reach orbit without any maneuvering? 

    Also the Mk 55 Thud does have thrust vectoring, so I'd assume it would not be allowed

    I better called this challenge no manuevering challenge, because i really didn't know this when first time played

    Yes. I know it has a Vector system. Mk 55 Was Selected because i didnt know about Vectors engines when first played (I got no Translasion in my version) Shall I Update my Rules then?


  5. Hello, its my debute in this community!


    When i started playing KSP (1.3.1) I found some strange thing.

    Mk-1 Cockpit have a Gyrodine but we need to unlock it before launching any Sattelite. This means that we need to launch human in space in order to get science to unlock it before your "Sputnik" Which is seems stupid.


    That CAN be solved by modifications of the game but its boring yeah?

    When first playing i made this challenge to myself and couldn't do it because of some problems


    I didn't know about LV-T45 "Swivel" But in Official Missions for Making History I found myself in the same trap and when i attached RCI I thought why not to offer this Challenge for you? I think you are capable enough of this! 



    Goal: Reach Orbit of Kerbin.

    Budget: Unlimited


    #1 -No Gyrodine Used

    #2 -No Engines which can control Vector

    #3 -No RCI's

    #4 -No Winglets which can control your rocket (Use Standart instead)

    #5 -Use Stayputnik (Or any other Probe without a Gyrodine)

    #6 -Use Mk-55 "Thud" to rotate your ship

    #7 -NO KERBALS!!!!1!!!11!!!


    Pardon for any mistakes i make - English isn't my first launguage


    Have Fun!


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