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  1. I wish we get a star that just underwent a supernova, that way there is a layer of very hot gas around the star, and traversing through that layer of hot gas will require lots of radiators and thermal management. Each of the planets in this system would be in various states of ruin with one of the planets being flung out and now being a rogue planet that you have to find. There are planets on both sides of the hot gas layer that would each benefit from trade across the layers, this should make logistics way more interesting as the parts needed to cross that layer would add far more weight.
  2. It was confirmed that there would be xenon fuel factories for colonies, though considering the fact that we have seen many orbital colonies for interstellar ships around jool I think its fair to say there's a fuel advantage for building around Jool. That being said that advantage could be as simple as Vall is rich in helium 3, however it could also mean that there is some sort of atmospheric fuel scooping in the game as well. Nothing we have seen explicitly states that fuel factories wont be something that you can do on all planets, however I doubt this will be the case as it seems like a pretty big missed gameplay mechanic and also most of the stuff we have seen when it comes to fuel production was two years ago and more recent colony pictures have shown different fuel factory variants that weren't shown in the first picture releases.
  3. The clouds imply that jool is no longer an instant you die when you hit the "surface". Most realistically the further down you go the more heat and pressure so there's a soft cap but I swear to god if you're able to actually dive down far enough in it to reach a metallic hydrogen ocean I will scream
  4. Each friday we bring up the possibility they delay it by another week, they're hoping to fund ksp2 off of entirely our betted kidneys
  5. Id like it if spacesuits were upgradable through research and you get things that increase your mobility, lategame your spacesuit should be a hydrazine powered mechsuit
  6. I honestly wouldn't hold too much weight to the whole pre-alpha/alpha thing, this is a small studios first game, they likely don't have an objective measurement of when the game is pre alpha/when it is alpha because basically everyone involved likely knows what state the game is in therefore the label doesn't have much of a managerial need.
  7. Wonder if the feature vid will be tomorrow
  8. I have a feeling that the Mun and Minmus pictures were from playtesting, which may mean theyre ramping up playtesting which is exciting The recent picture also shows mark 2, which is latter on in the tech tree, which may mean we may be getting over these weeks highlights of a whole playtest.
  9. Tech differences arent really a big deal just an annoyance considering the fact that timewarp exists, if they're just mechanically annoying then that just seems bad gameplay wise. Also the emphasis on "But large administrations impossible" doesnt really fit ksp. Not only is ksp a game about possibilities instead of limitations, its also not really relevant to Kerbals. Kerbals are in some ways an ideal by the fact they're driven way more by ambition then political and petty gains, having something for the purpose of saying that communication and cooperation is practically impossible across long distances goes against the spirit of ksp, which is to say that the sky isnt the limit and if we put our minds to it we can do amazing things.
  10. Transmission is already instant in ksp1, I highly doubt theyd make interplanetary probes have a transmission delay, so why would they do the same for interstellar probes? It seems really weird to have some magic number to where transmissions are no longer instant and respect relativity, not to mention not really worth it gameplay wise, KSP is a space simulator not a political empire simulator.
  11. It is interesting how the scatter and color of the mun is different from what we've seen before, I think this is a biome we havent seen yet?
  12. From what we've seen of the skybox there's plenty of areas with less stars, I think its just the normal skybox at a different angle then what we're used to
  13. We've seen transceivers on colonies before, the commsnet will definitely still matter. I'm guessing that there will be massive transceivers for ships, however there will also be very large AI Cores that way you dont need to have a constant commsnet connection to control interstellar probes. The catch here will be that these AI cores are very large, thus its impractical to put them on a surface probe, meaning the surface probe will have to have connection to the large voyager probe in order for it to be controlled. This would promote things like carrying small relay drones on your interstellar ship to establish a constant commsnet connection for your surface probe.
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