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  1. I think its safe to say that the fuels we have seen will be in game as we know we will have engines that require those fuels, I wont be surprised if we see He3 fuel be made into He3+De fuel though. With the official announcement of the delivery route system, Id be shocked if the fuels dont need base materials to generate (with probably the exception of xenon generators as those work irl by just filtering from the atmosphere). There's definitely going to be unique fuel tanks designed for specific fuels, such as the spherical tanks for fusion engines and the yellow naked tanks for hydrogen. It is unknown if you'll only be able to put one type of fuel in these/all tanks or if youll be able to toggle what fuels are in them.
  2. I want to see the equivalent of bobs and angels from factorio for colonies to where you have to manage life support really well and have to go out of your way to get things like nitrogen or phosphorous.
  3. I think we will see multiple fuels, but you can swap out what fuel a fuel tank stores (if it would fit in that type of fuel tank) and engines only use one type of fuel. I dont think we're going to get special fuel tanks for metallic hydrogen and they'll just use the generic ones, but we will see special fuel tanks for nuclear bombs.
  4. I think its two as the image of the swivel description is pretty old. Lots of speculation but Im guessing they changed it for gameplay reasons so they can make LF factories just be biofuel factories, as food will be something you will produce on all colonies anyways thus itll make LF a very convenient fuel to produce as no extra supply chains are needed.
  5. As LHACK mentioned, Id rather devs focus on things that 100% of players can enjoy instead of something that only 5% of the players can enjoy. Optimization concerns aside, as pretty as weather is, I dont see what it adds from a gameplay perspective. Since colony management is intended to be something thats passive, I think weather that has effect on those wouldn't be fun as having to stop each of your timewarps 3 seperate times when some of your 50 colonies has a weather event that effects them. For normal rocketry, see this thread for the issues: Having to timewarp a day just to land your spaceplane because it happens to be raining and thus you cant land on your runway is cool in paper but in practice itd get tedious quickly.
  6. I suggest we add tortilla soup to ksp2 (office), now you can bring it up at your nearest convivence
  7. This was a dev insight I didnt expect to see but was pleasantly surprised, It's nice to see this type of work represented. All of the community stuff is super fun and great to watch. Anyways just a few questions: 1) Is there a formal process for bringing ideas you see to the developers or is it more casual? Is it something that there's specific things youre looking for and try to bring up during a specific time at group meeting, or is it just bringing up things that stick out and something that comes up in casual conversation. 2) Since I assume some of the devs read the forums, do/will you try to focus your feedback collection on other social media websites such as twitter as it will be less looked at by developers? 3) What type of new parts can we expect to see/not see on initial release? Will we get some/most torchships upon initial release, parts that are expected to be unlocked before you go interstellar, or a mish mash of new parts from various tech levels? 4) What is your favorite soup that intercept has served?
  8. If the devs wanted a 2.5 ntr with gimbal, I feel like itd make more sense to just give nervus swerve then to make a whole new part just for that. Its definitely possible theyre two separate parts, but Im 80% sure theyre the same part.
  9. Its possible but SWERV was specifically listed as the NERVs big brother and similar story for NERVUS, and it seems weird to have two separate engines that both are intended to be an upscaled NERV engine.
  10. NERVUS doesnt really fit with the other scientific names that we have seen, its possible but I think its really unlikely.
  11. I think colony management is planned (and should be) geared towards something you leave in the background most of the time, so I dont think sometimes having a weather events that forces you to change a colony then and there would fit. That being said, I would like to see constant things that change the way you build colonies. I really do hope colonies have some form of heat management in play, so for Moho since theres no atmosphere but a lot of heat, you need to focus on minimizing the amount of colony thats contacted by the sun and use lots of radiators, for Eve you need to use lots of heatpumps to pump the heat from the planet to radiators that will conduct that heat to the air, and for Eeloo you need to build your colonies around your industry that way you can harvest the waste heat from them effectively to keep your colony warm.
  12. I think you're missing some context to get what Im saying, that engine was officially named as NERVUS after a suggestion on that thread I do think that the engine shown is the SWERV engine, and they just renamed it, as it seems weird for there to be two nuclear thermal rockets of the same size where one is just NERV but tweakscaled and the other one is one with unique afterburning and nozzle mechanics, as the former will just be forgotten as the latter is way more versatile to use.
  13. This may be a me thing but Im not really interested in animal life in ksp2 as I dont think you can really have organic interactions with them. Games that tend to have wildlife you interact with tend to be first person outside of a vehicle as that is where those one to one animal interactions tend to work best, ksp is a game to where youre in a vehicle the majority of the time and is third person. All controls are geared towards controlling yourself instead of interacting with your surroundings as that is what you will be doing in ksp, which means that there isnt really any controls to pet an animal or something like that. I dont feel like you could incorporate animals in a way that feel organic to the ksp experience.
  14. The vibe I get is right now the devs are focused basically entirely on the initial release of the game (which means a lot of optimization improvements), and will probably focus on optimization a bit past that. The nice thing about interstellar is it requires the devs to optimize the game well or it just will not work. With still three months to go, and the core code having a lot better bones then the code of ksp1 due to the people on the team being more experienced, the optimization will probably be pretty good on release, and get better after that.
  15. I think this is just the NERVUS engine but renamed, Im guessing they didnt go with the community name for liability reasons or something similar, seems weird for there to be two mark 2 nuclear thermal engines to where you have a boring one and a way more mechanically interesting one. I think the storage problem there is the low density, the yellow naked fuel tanks are likely the tanks for liquid hydrogen. The difficulty there will be without orbital construction transporting the volume for the liquid hydrogen tanks will just naturally be difficult.
  16. We have colonies now, if you want a dedicated presence in orbit you should make an orbital colony. Im not against things that allow you to have effectively indefinite life support, but it should be large (similar size to mobile processing lab) that way its not a free pick. The latter issue seems mostly like a problem of execution, ideally the storage of snacks should be forgiving enough to where you can have a comfortable excess, but enough to where it isnt trivial.
  17. Im fine with life support being "punishing" because the gameplay function is to punish longer missions. The way Id like to see life support done from a gameplay function perspective is just a simple mass tax for longer missions (with ways to recuperate that mass tax such as installing greenhouse modules), that way faster missions allow you to save on mass, thus giving them a gameplay advantage. There should definitely be difficulty/turning off all life support options here though, wouldnt be hard to implement and would enable people to play as theyd like.
  18. You can technically react xenon with fluorine and produce energy (though this is very difficult to do and produces very little energy), however I assume what they mean is a xenon engine with a higher thrust low efficiency mode. You can get this with a plasma engine through varying how much you heat up the gas (See VASIMR)
  19. Good call, backside of Vall maybe? We've seen that there's two sides to it and it would fit
  20. Wonder what planet that is, maybe Ovin?
  21. There's going to be interstellar engines, theres no need for a lessened scale as you can design those engines around that greater distance. Also the devs have already said it would be interstellar distances. I feel like it would be disappointing to spend all the time building a rocket to explore a new star system, then when you arrive theres nothing there and youre stuck. I dont see what this adds gameplay wise besides maybe adding gravity assists (and I dont think those would be useful for interstellar travel).
  22. It's definitely overall stronger then RAPIER but that isnt a bad thing, as it requires more technology and is more expensive resource wise. Itll be competing with metallic hydrogen jets which would be a lot more lightweight and compact. The engine could be given a long shape and/or radial attachment only to make it harder to design a plane around. It should definitely be something you unlock late in the game, like right before you unlock metallic hydrogen.
  23. This would be a later game item that would be a heavily powerful engine. Instead of using fuel and air for its airbreathing mode, it would just run the air through a nuclear reactor similar to project pluto. This would allow it to get great efficiencies in atmosphere at super/hypersonic speeds, and fly with basically no fuel needed. This engine can swap to a mode similar to a NERV engine, to where it runs on liquid fuel only instead. The upsides of this engine would be incredible isp, high in atmosphere thrust and near infinite fuel for air breathing. The downsides of this engine would be high mass, large size, and low thrust in space.
  24. Apparently Mostrom is the audio director for ksp2 and has been before ksp2 was announced. Also his website describes him as specializing in dynamic music. He's had time to work on this stuff, I think the chance of there being a song per planet is a bit higher now.
  25. That's not a large soundtrack, that's a humongous one, like jesus. Also I play mostly indie games so my soundtrack expectations are skewed, but I feel like its rare to get a song with over 20 songs, and with the 21 figure being a lowball (as theres likely going to be four star systems, and all the non planet based songs could easily bump that figure up to 30-40 songs if one per planet approach is used), I dont think its going to be the case.
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