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  1. A few days ago, a club at my college had a giant paper airplane contest. We had about 20 minutes to build them and could use a 2' x 3' sheet of paper as well as tape, scissors and craft knives. Most people just built large versions of regular paper airplanes, but my friend (who I later found out to be @Sparrowhawk) and I went for a more ambitious design with a triangular-cross-section fuselage, a V-tail, and an actual airfoil! We were pretty rushed in building it and realized after a test flight that the center of mass was too far back, so we taped some crumpled-up paper to the nose to add weight. In the actual competition, the plane didn't perform well and scored third-from-last (the contest was for greatest distance from the start). We kind of got it to work on successive flights but it also depended a lot on how it was thrown. Here's a picture of my friend holding the plane: Ironically, the "plane" that actually won the contest was just a tape-wrapped brick made from folding the paper many times. The person who built it had a good throwing arm and didn't want to worry about pesky aerodynamics.
  2. Your wording is a bit unclear to me but I assume it's Step 7 that's giving you trouble. Here's what I do when I get to this step: Set navball to Target mode, set SAS to retrograde, and then burn to kill all velocity relative to target. After that, point towards the target and burn until your velocity gets to about 20-30 m/s. The spacecraft should now be headed directly for the target. If the prograde and target markers on the navball drift apart, conduct more burns to "pull" them back together. When the spacecraft is within about 50m from the target, kill the relative velocity again and use RCS and/or the "Lowne Lazy Method" to dock. I prefer to dock at 0.2 m/s relative velocity or lower.
  3. Which rendezvous method are you attempting and where are you having issues?
  4. I decided to build an SLS Block 1/Orion replica to celebrate the upcoming launch of Artemis 1. Pretty pleased with how it came out.
  5. Here's a Wikipedia article on it. Basically an Orion Drive would work by detonating nuclear bombs behind the ship to produce acceleration (I say "would" because no versions using nuclear explosives were actually built). So a KSP version like @LHACK4142 suggested would launch fireworks out the back of the ship instead of bombs.
  6. Once again I apologize for the delay in posting the next part. Missions are more complex and taking a little longer to fly now that I've reached what I consider to be the mid-game. I'm also trying to balance this mission report with other KSP projects and changes to my real-life schedule so I think new parts will be posted on a weekly basis for the near future. Part 7: Minty, Marvelous Magnificence
  7. Hey everyone, I apologize for the delay in posting Part 6, but here it is. Hope you enjoy! Part 6: Giant Flying Space Carrots
  8. Very impressive! I wish I knew about those efficient flying techniques when I did my last Mun mission. They might have saved me the trouble of having Bob push the capsule onto a suborbital trajectory.
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