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  1. I would like to share some changes/additions I've made to a few .cfg files. These include: SSPX.cfg: - Changed cupola-greenhouse-125-1 from 1/90 to 1/6 of kerbalism greenhouse - Added custom greenhouse module for aquaculture-375-1 SSPX_Science.cfg: - Added a patch to change the analysis speed of some labs UniversalStorage2.cfg: - Added support for the US2 sabatier reactor part, scaled accordingly Patches-Experiments.cfg: - Changed a line to enable kerbalism to add lab experiments to all labs and not just the stock lab Patches-HardDrives.cfg: - Changed a line to enable the patch to correctly add hard drives to labs Detailed explanation: SSPX.cfg: The cupola greenhouse has 1/12 as many individual plants as the greenhouse-375-1, wich is 2x as good as the default kerbalism greenhouse. The fish tank is different from all the others. I decided it gets 4x kerbalism greenhouse ("kg") / 2x 375-1 greenhouse food production. It is now some sort of direct Waste-converter, as i imagine some fish species can use the biomatter contained in waste more efficiently than just extracting the wastes nh3 Uses 2 Kerbals worth of Waste as fish-fodder, plus algae from integrated tanks that are as effective as 1x "kg" in both input and output The fish however only consume/produce 1.75 Kerbals worth of co2/o2 while ingesting 2 Kerbals of food per day (not actual biomass of a Kerbal, the amount of food eaten by one per day) I suspect growing lifeforms exhale a lower percentage of their ingested carbon as co2, than fully grown individuals of their kind, because at least some of that carbon needs to be integrated into their bodies for growing. SSPX_Science.cfg: The large labs can fit more scientists, and house more and also probably more modern equipment, so they should be realistically abe to analyse samples faster. UniversalStorage2.cfg: There was no config for the sabatier reactor so I added one that is scaled in the same vein as the other parts, using its mass in relation to the kerbalism ECLSS Patches-Experiments.cfg: The line in question effectively adds lab experiments to parts with a kerbalism laboratory module, but only targets the stock lab for whatever reason, despite other lab related patches targeting all parts with lab modules Now all modded labs too get lab experiments Patches-HardDrives.cfg: The line in question adds a hard drive modules to all parts with a stock lab module, but that stock lab module got removed two files above. I've changed the filter module to the kerbalism lab module instead. Here are the modified files in a MediaFire folder: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/nmlv2kvi1ucp2/Kerbalism_edited_files I've marked all my changes with a comment with my user name.
  2. Oh my, jnsq looks awesome... Going by the official screenshots, they dont seem to really match parallax's surface textures either.
  3. One small question: Are there any plans to add scaled-space textures and meshes for all planets/moons? I've noticed that there is a big visual difference between the close up planetary surfaces from parallax and the farther out lod from stock/svt. (And yes the difference is there with and wthout svt) Here are two comparsions of vall and tylo:
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