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  1. Is there plans for revamped reDirect parts (STS, Jupiter, etc.) to be added, or will SLS and the surrounding concepts be the current scope of this mod?
  2. This contract pack seems really cool! Imagine how it would look like integrated with Parallax 2.0 (eg. Underwater structures under the ice, an alien mushroom structure between the Laythe mushrooms, an rv beside one of the ike crystals), the possibilities would be endless!
  3. The first warning isn't too serious, as it is just missing a texture switch, but the bottom warning might be related to Skyhawk Kerbalism, you might want to ask @CessnaSkyhawk about this
  4. Is there support for Waterfall? If not is there any planned support? Thanks!
  5. @CessnaSkyhawk Thanks for adding my patches! There are a couple things to note though: B9 procedural wings are located at the end of the aerodynamics tech tree to suit my personal needs and "lore", you might want to move it to some earlier tech nodes for other people OPT patches do not include Legacy USI-LS is unfortunately incomplete, its is missing some greenhouse modules MoldaviteMachines were patched to suit my needs (USI-LS at the time), rebalancing may be needed Thanks!
  6. This is some stuff we should really see! I feel like kitbashes are really underrated in this community, and all of the historical recreation parts have lots of potential in this game
  7. Finally! Just in time before the real launch! Great work, as always!
  8. I can't wait for the update release! The unique surface features and scatters finally give a good incentive to explore boring grey bodies (Dres maybe?) Thank you for making this mod @Gameslinx, this has truly set the bar for ksp visual mods!
  9. Probably just for optional visuals, do recommend it though
  10. Some other recommendations I would make would be: 12: Edwards Air Force Base and the TAL sites for all your shuttle recreation needs. 13. Colomb-Bechar and Hammaguir for early French launches. 14. SpaceX droneship statics near Vandenburg and Cape Canaveral, for obvious reasons. If the dev team wants, I could try my hand at Kerbal Konstructs if I have some spare time...
  11. When do you expect for the next update to drop, and as well as which parts in the development branch are ready? I'm pretty excited for the new NERVA's! No pressure though, and also will the parts in the dev branch break once it updates?
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