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  1. KSRSS Reborn parrallax config needs stock textures from parrallax, i didn't tried it on KSRSS Reborn yet so i hope it will help . @Parallax:AFTER[Kopernicus]:NEEDS[Parallax,Parallax_StockTextures]
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17UzQbMgavCqsX0VbCL8kovO9zT18v_JO/view?usp=sharing Put that in the patches folder inside KSRSS , i made little changes so Kourou site is actually on the ground . I think they wont update KscSwitcher config before the release of Reborn so meanwhile this should do the trick .
  3. Tried 2.5 rescale with densityMultiplier values pushed to 6.25 and it seem to work fine . I wonder if i should change LoadRange and Range values aswell to match the density one . Collider is a real game changer
  4. Congratz ! new install and test right away. This community is insane , 11 years of incredible mods !
  5. Thank you , it works perfectly for now . I thought since its a techTree mod that CTT was a dependencie ... newbie mistake i guess
  6. Thanks for the correction, module manager can now patch. Unfortunately, I encountered other problems: - The empty technology nodes are still there ,looks like nodes from the stock CTT : https://imgur.com/kX7wdvX - When I buy a node, I have to leave the R&D menu and then come back for them to actually be validated ( nodes don't turn green directly ) . - HideHemptyTechTreeNodes seems to work incorrectly : https://imgur.com/TlAvFL5 GameData : https://imgur.com/JKYd3gU KSP.Log : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qNJOPYkVdVJPWkvmGrJvHlYo12woy8jW/view?usp=sharing
  7. Hi , i need help please . SSS ScienceExperiments.cfg seem to prevent module manager to patch ... I have this error message during loading screen : https://imgur.com/yDG4rmA Once in the R&D menu i can't buy any node from the tech Tree and empty text node appears . I tried to search if something was "off" in my Ksp.log but i can't find something relevant . Here's my KSP.log : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RcWmXztn6_XKxufUbNuuesacDnaYqww6/view?usp=sharing and MMPatch.log : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AozvSKlkTJL-0MXLn_9eT77zqLQG2nRS/view?usp=sharing Also here's my gamedata : https://imgur.com/7ObOiS4
  8. Congratz for the release ,the quality is top notch as always !
  9. There is definetly a confict between SWE and Rocket Sound Enhancement , tried without SWE and srb sound were ok with RSE . However when i tried to uninstall RSE and keep SWE the sounds of certain SRB were still missing .
  10. @BezKartuzaDo you have this instaled ? : https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/WaterfallRestock/releases/tag/0.2.3
  11. Yes , everything is working smoothly now , just wanted to share that to the community . I even tried to recreate this bug to post a screen here with the ksp log, but SWE works fine . I should have taken the screen directly mb .
  12. I had RestockWaterfall, StockWaterfallEffects ,RealPlume ,StockRealplume and your mod instaled so this bug is not necessarily coming from SWE . Yes its messy ... Maybe Waterfall can only over-ride one mod at time ?
  13. If by any case you have restock and then waterfall config for restock , stock waterfall effects is no longer needed . And plus it can cause strange blue artifact coming out of the srb plume . I had to remove it to make SWE ( srb effect ) plumes appear properly . Edit : it might sound obvious at first but a previous post was mentioning that -stock waterfall effects , -WaterfallRestock and -SWE should work together so i thought it was worth to point this bug out . Also it can be usefull for other users of SWE .
  14. Elon Musk is not a real engineer . Edit: i should have left it without the "not" . I think it would have triggered far more people haha .
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