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  1. I got it to work RSS is finally working and so is RP-1 I was able to install manually
  2. RP-1 Works Now, its just RSS that makes my game never get off the loading screen. I can't get to the main menu. Its just stuck even though I installed everything properly
  3. I dint want to install CKAN and mono, I know what CKAN is but I don't know what mono is. My only problem now is that I have been waiting an hour + for KSP to load to the home screen but it still hasn't
  4. My game is stuck on the loading screen What are the RP-1 Dependencies again?
  5. No. I don't have Parallax 2 Also I have the dependencies for RSS which I believe is CustomBarnKit, KSCSwitcher, Copernicus, and ModuleManager. Maybe Kopernicus is not working idk. But I left my laptop for like 1hr and nothing. I am also on Mac.
  6. Same, It happens to me. It also says the heightmaps doesn't exist
  7. Yep, The only thing I didn't do is use CKAN, but I downloaded it manually. Most of RP-1 works the only thing. that I think why it falls is because RSS is not properly installed some. It says that it couldn't create a contract for to specifically go somewhere because I think My RSS is somehow not properly installed
  8. When I load up RP-1 The only parts are have are these: these are non rp-1 parts I also get this error message:
  9. I'm not using CKAN because its trash on Mac I also get this error: But RP-1 Still works Also RSS doesn't work properly, and I have Kopernicus Installed
  10. I Installed RSS and RP-1, but RSS won't work. It will show just the regular Kerbol system planets and, which causes RP-1's contracts to bug out and for some reason I start with only 3 parts: These parts are all non-rp1 parts
  11. What is the best mods for a RP-1/RSS/RO career mode game. I know about herbal construction time but what other mods should I have to complement it.
  12. Today the KSP engineers refused to work until they can test a new booster so I let them.Here's how it turned out... A quick test flight... And Orbit!!! Maybe those Annoying little Engineers are right after all. Test Results: Ap: 500km Pe: 490km ∆v: 1200 meters a second of ∆v All Tests done with a mk2 capsule with one verbal inside... Don't ask my why ask the engineer buffoons.
  13. After over 2 1/2 Years, LS-1 Reaches Jool. Its course will now be corrected to get a Laythe Intercept, where it will circularize and spend the rest of its life.
  14. Sent my LS-1 Probe to the Jool system. It is currently on route for Laythe.
  15. How to I upload an image to the forum? Is there a way to do it without using a Imgur?
  16. I DOnt want to use it on the monitor due to low resolution, And I don't know how to upload an image other than Imgur
  17. I moved my KSP window to view it on a monitor, but it put black bars on the side of KSP.
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