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  1. but anyway, i really really doubt there will be boycotting at all with this game, what is there to boycott?
  2. well this is going to blow to say now.. in less than 7 hours im going to get four wisdom teeth removed today, Monday, yes very very funny at 11pm im texting this for a removal at 7am Monday, which means i got like 5 hours of sleep before i have to go at most.... it be very appreciated for anyone to @ me or ping me in any way with new content/photos/videos due to being under anesthesia for at least today, and then the subsequent days of dealing with it or whenever you guys get bored and stop or if you see im active enough. hopefully im being over dramatic and the pain medication will let me think and understand afterwards today... i really really hope (over sensitive nerves and pain medication rarely works properly in normal human dosages.)
  3. yeah dres, thats the name, keep forgor-ing i remember it being suggested to be put in ksp 1 or something, never saw it again, or something /s/s/s/s/s/s/s/s
  4. there is new stuff on the planets etc, but we don't know if we are getting a new planet 9.. its in the rumor stage but on the unknown if its 100% confirmed
  5. iirc its the same pretty much if not changed at all
  6. forespoken has like the worst optimization i have seen in a while.
  7. older the ship is in the save, the more bare it becomes to save cost, even though cost doesn't exist. they aren't as important pretty much historical moments like "going to duna" will get special coats etc
  8. it be for scheme based on machine, type, variation, age, and if its an experiment its going to be very complicated overall
  9. going to be more surprised when you realize we are four days in
  10. also, i just realize something the clouds are lava lamps,
  11. cloud talk can stay, we can talk about the plane could be the engines are spooled down, but i cannot wait to see what horrible things we can build and call it an ssto SSTO B-2 bomber, "but can build mini space station in the bomb load"
  12. keep the style, get the amount, sizes etc, get the eco system in
  13. hope to see it progress larger and larger. soon, soon the ecosystem of the clouds will be here.
  14. my man stole what i was writing, there is a reason its going to EA, they need help finding/fixing bugs ALL the way to release so they won't have a huge fail.
  15. look almost clouds, looks frothy, but hope to see them become better.
  16. who know how long this game has been out in dev, and they said months ago it isn't ready, but you CAN buy now at a cheaper cost, to help the game become its best form, thats why we have a road map. money, they aren't gonna take a risk that's putting tons of money into marketing (you have almost no idea how much it really costs to push a video game into large scale advertisements) we are talking six figures to get into just the large enough for at least someone to notice. it cheaper to pay two people 60k a year doing advertisement with photos and videos, than doing a huge large scale short term not long term with tons of advertisements, two people at full time even is cheaper than mass marketing scale for a few days/weeks at most i really just don't want to see a battlefield 2042 or whatever type of release (even though its a beta not a launch) types of bugs, and literally killing the game due to how bad it is/boring it is
  17. i mean, it is like we are literally talking about it, its literally generating hype and discussion about the game.. it is literally marketing
  18. i mean war thunder a update per X amount of months, 140k active users almost non stop with some dips here and there, with there teasers (its marketing) they get around the same numbers, with some peaking near 1 million aswell as ksp 2. like, they don't need marketing like what the "AAA" titles have done, this is KSP, not micro transaction, horrble buggy mess on release, 70+ dollars with the higher tiers giving you FOMO items etc etc this is kerbal space program 2
  19. not gonna be rude Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 7 - Recording Rockets (2 weeks ago) 340K Views Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 6 - Early Access (3 months ago) 1.1 million Views Kerbal Space Program 2 Timing Update (8 months ago) 368K Views Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 5 - Interstellar Travel (9 months ago) 856k Views Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 4 - Celestial Architecting (1 year ago) 612k Views Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 3 - Next Gen Astronauts (1 year ago) 557k Views Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 2 – The Kerbals (2 years ago) 692k Views Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 1.5 - Work From Home Developer Update (2 years ago) 249k Views Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 1 - Next Gen Tech (2 years ago) 1.2 million Views. average viewing per ep in total 668k views i really doubt that they NEED alot of marketing, as i said before, the player base is there marketing, and these are just from official KSP who knows how many other non official ksp videos are out there that has showed ksp 2 to people and on avg you can see at least 600k people are looking at this games development, and the only ones that did poorly was the "Work from Home" and "Timing Update" other than that its close to 600k each time if not over.
  20. everytime i hear nbody physics, i just think "deadspace between two large gravity pulls like planets"
  21. thats illegal, also reason why i didn't see it was wasn't "out" just shows the link for me.
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