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  1. Sorry about the abrupt name change, I just kind of thought the other name was kind of corny.
  2. JOURNEYER 1: YEAR 2, DAY 118 Meatball planet... Beyond once again attempts to reach the planets in the Kerbol system, and the Journeyer Program will bring us to Moho, or the meatball planet. Why is it called the meatball planet? Well, you see, it's brown color, with various holes that look like warmer give a meatball like appearance. The fact that it's close to Kerbol just adds to the effect. And the less important question, why should we go to Moho? Well, It's the inner Kerbolar system's last unexplored world. Once we orbit Moho, we can begin more exploration of the inner Kerbolar system. Our scientists have warned us though that we may in fact not be able to orbit Moho, and that the Explorer upper stage is not optimized for Moho like Duna or Eve. But they're scientists. We in administration know better than them. Probably. Mass of green lights. Getting our orbit to intersect Moho's orbit will definitely be hard with our dinky litter transfer stage. But, Kerbin has a huge well of Gravity to it's name. That well is called the Mun. Journeyer 1 will flyby the Mun retrograde, and lower it's orbit. Here's to hoping. So long, Kerbin!
  3. MAIN HABITAT RESUPPLY: YEAR 2, DAY 104 Hungy for fuelly... During the Minty 1 mission, many a resource was used up. Beyond's sending up a huge pile of fuel tanks and monopropellant, which will give both the Main Habitat and Sardine fuel and monopropellant (duh). It'll launch atop the Eve I Rocket, which is now the full time work horse of the agency. It's completely replaced the Kitten II Rocket, and is much more powerful, able to carry more weight to LKO than the Kitten. Also it's bigger. Who doesn't like a bigger rocket? It's the perfect spacecraft for the job. The resupply vessel refills the empty tanks of the Main Habitat, and then changes the inclination of the Habitat to align it with Minmus's orbital plain. After it's job is done, the spacecraft burns up in the atmosphere. It's not a very expensive spacecraft, and it's built to crash into Kerbin. Goodbye, vessel. Your 2 hours of life were not in vain.
  4. I like the lander! It looks a lot like the ranger probe.
  5. SECRET SPACE PROGRAM: YEAR 2, DAY @̵͓̯̘̺̟̙̠͉͔̹̿͛̀͌#̶̡̢̰̦̱̩̲́̄́$̶̠̘̙̝̉̔̽̄̀͆̌͒̈́̅̚͠%̷̛̮̩͚̩̙͒̐̔̍̔͐̏̾̕̕̕ Crew: Tim C. Kerman Strange signals are being picked up from the Mun, and the Secret space program needs to know what they are. Several things are being built for further investigation of it, but the end goal is to send a Kerbal to check it out. The secret space program has found perhaps the best pilot they could: Tim C. Kerman. While he's a household name kind of pilot, like Jebediah or Valentina, he's still a well respected one in the piloting community. He's flown every kind of plane he can. As his first little test for the program, he flies the Terror Bird. The plane is owned by Beyond, but Beyond is still a government agency. Therefore, the UKA has control over where the aircraft goes. Tim boards the craft, and lifts off from the Dessert Launch Site. Stuntin'... Foreshadowin'... Landin'...
  6. EVE MID-COURSE MANEUVER: YEAR 2, DAY 94 Nothin' much happened. Pioneer 1 continues it's mission to Eve steadily, expected to arrive in 120 days.
  7. Well, not hidden per say, but they've been retracted. In bot the VAB and flight screens this happens. And in the flight screen, on interior overlay, if you extend the tweakable options all of the crew's models disappear. The game says they're their, but I can't enter IVA view, and the models don't show up in the corner portraits. In general, this bug is annoying. And it didn't happen until I installed mods. I'm on KSP 1.12.5, and I'll share my .log file. Can anyone figure out how to fix this? Here's a picture
  8. MINTY 1: YEAR 1, DAY 72 Kerbin's mintiest moon... Crew: Jebediah, Bob, Valentina Kerbol sets over Cape Kerman, and a crowd of eager Kerbals waiting to see Kerbalkind's next adventure to another world. For centuries, Minmus has captivated the minds of many astronomers. And when we finally sent something to take pictures of its surface, it just raised even more questions. Well, we've had enough. After a ling time of work, we're finally sending something up to Minmus. One issue that our engineers faced when designing this mission was the payload. The payload for this mission is very heavy, and even the Eve I Rocket with 8 boosters isn't enough. We didn't want to design a whole new rocket for this, so we had a different idea. We know that there's only one rocket capable of lifting this much weight, and that rocket is... The Tendagurensis Rocket. The most powerful launch vehicle built to date. It will be launching from LC-39B, which still has yet to see any launches from it. The crew climb the elevator to the top, and sit down in the capsule, waiting for the biggest adventure in Kerbalkind's history to date. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, ignition sequence start, 5 4, 3, 2, 1... We have liftoff! Liftoff on Minty 1! Stage 1 separation Main-engine startup And within 8 minutes, Minty 1 enters LKO. Very quickly, the crew get to work setting up their rendezvous with the main habitat. After around 2 orbits of Kerbin, they burn for the spacecraft. Arrival at the habitat. Stage 2 separation Jeb jump scare! Crew's view out of the window. After an inclination change into Minmus's orbital plane, Minty 1 burns for the green dot (I, uh..., forgot to get screenshots of the transfer). Bob Kerman's EVA half way to Minmus. Minmus orbital insertion burn Orbit has been achieved by Minty 1! The crew watch Minmus out of the window, and Bob Kerman once again goes on an EVA to preform experiments in orbit of Minmus. Shortly after, they transfer over to the lander, called the Minmus Landing Vehicle (MEV)-1 "Sardine" Drifiting away from the station "Starting suicide burn" -Valentine Kerman, MLV pilot Almost there... Touchdown! Jebediah goes outside the spacecraft. "We done it" -Jebediah Kerman's first words on Minmus. Mission control erupts into a frenzy of cheers. Kerbalkind has once again achieved the impossible: a Kerbal on Minmus! The rest of the crew step onto the surface, and pose for the all-important flag planting. Valentina Kerman Goes off to some exploring with Jeb, while Bob stays behind to do some science. The crew report that haze gathered up on the visors golden material, most likely meaning that the dust is somehow magnetic. How? Further research is needed. The crew spend around an hour one the surface, but time moves all to fast, and before they know it they have to head back to Kerbin. The crew pack up, board the spacecraft, and head back to the main habitat. Arrival at the habitat Bob preforming a quick check of the space craft Burning back to Kerbin See ya, Minmus. Kerbin orbital insertion burn Re-entry Landing back at Kerbin After around 14 days in space, the crew of Minty 1 finally return home! It was a long time to be up there, and a few times the crew were at each others throats, but whatever. Since when have Kerbals cared about safety? The scientific gain from this mission will be researched for years on end, and more science is sure to come back.
  9. @dolphinman42 I actually do have a suggestion. An alternate timeline where Zambia beat the U.S. and the USSR to the Moon. It may sound far fetched, but Zambia did have a space program. They never actually got to space, and it was most likely a front for Zambian revolutionaries, but it’d still be a cool timeline.
  10. Lemur II: Prove technology for future lunar missions. Mission: SUCCESS! 2/6/65 (MO/D/Y) Spacecraft: CREM-D LNM Variant, Daedalus IB with Siren-C2 Upper Stage Crew: Eileen Baker, Brandon Coles After the failure of the CSP's last attempt of a lunar proving grounds test, the CSP prepares the backup vehicle in case the last mission failed. The mid-day sun beats down upon the humid islands of the Philippines, but Eileen and Brandon are soon inside the cool, air-conditioned capsule. The countdown starts: 10, 9, 8, 7, and so on. The Mighty engines of the Daedalus rocket thunder to life as the rocket lifts off the ground. After 8 minutes, the spacecraft arrives into orbit unharmed. Eileen puts on her EVA suit, and steps out of the capsule to preform experiments and practice activities that will be done over the Moon. After around hour on EVA, she gets back inside the capsule. and the crew wait for around 7 days before returning safely back to Earth. This was perhaps the CSP's most successful flight, as everything went according to plan. A flood of funding goes into the CSP, and they start to think about perhaps going beyond the Moon, to those little dots beyond Earth.
  11. Yes! Thank you so so so much Dakota!
  12. These missions take a long time to make. They’ll probably release a new post soon .
  13. MINTY MISSIONS MAIN HABITAT: YEAR 1, DAY 51 The dream is alive... After a long time of proof proof proof, it finally time for fact. Today, Beyond is launching the first mission of the Minty Program, a program to put Kerbal on Minmus. This is the first piece: the main habitat. This is where the crew will live and work while a mission drifts to Minmus. With the research gained from Kermes Station, Beyond is quite sure that they're ready to push forward and put Kerbals on Minmus. Launch proceeding steadily. The Habitat is now is orbit! And as a special surprise, the lander is with it! After a long time of work, we're finally ready to send Kerbals to Minmus.
  14. Okay, yeah, that does make sense. But you guys just hid 12 years of history overnight (quite literally). Also, interest in KSP 2 is dwindling. The recommended to not recommended ratio is 5:6 on Steam. One day, KSP 1 will fall to the wayside. But it shouldn’t fall immediately.
  15. Mmm… declassified U.S. aircraft.
  16. Pardon my French, but why the hell is KSP 1 discussion at the very bottom of the forum?! Did it commit a crime? It has every right to be at the top of the forum. Forum staff, I know you’re gonna see this post. KSP 1’s community is still very active, and many of the people who played KSP 2 have come back here (mostly because the game’s practically unplayable). Can you please move it up toward the top of the forum? Right below the KSP technical support?
  17. PIONEER 1: YEAR 2, DAY 41 To Eve... Kerbalkind once more attempts to expand its reach to planets. Pioneer 1 will attempt to reach Eve, a place thought by Kerbals to be inhabited. The first planet other than Kerbin to be discovered in the Kerbol system, it's purple color gave Kopernicus the idea that's it's probably exactly like Kerbin. And as telescopes advanced, it was discovered that there might actually be clouds on Eve. Beyond says that they cannot confirm nor deny the fact that life exists on Eve. Whatever might be there, it'd be an important discovery to science. Engine ignition Liftoff! With Pioneer 1 now in orbit, mission control begins to work on the maneuvers for the spacecraft. After 20 minutes of flying above Kerbin. Pioneer 1 fires its engines for Eve. Success! Pioneer 1 begins its journey to Eve!
  18. For some reason I know a lot about the Balkans.
  19. EXPLORER 1 DUNA CIRCULARIZATION: YEAR 2, DAY 38 Life on Duna... Approaching Duna. After 1 and a half years of drifting through empty space, Explorer 1 finally arrives at Duna. The entirety of Kerbin is very excited, as this will be the first time in history Kerbalkind has made it to another planet! Many people speculate about what Duna's surface look like. Kopernicus Kerman described Duna as "a planet with a enormous lava ocean," but that theory is considered outrageous now. The widely accepted theory nowadays is that Duna is a civilized planet, of which Kerbals can communicate with. But we won;t know until we see those pictures. Orbital-insertion burn. We've done it! We have a probe circling another planet! Pictures are being sent back now... wait, what? A dessert? Media across Kerbin is confused. They were expecting vast grasslands, oceans, and cities. But this Duna is instead a giant red dessert, devoid of life. Further investigation is needed, and we also need to know what lies on Duna's moon Ike.
  20. Continuing to mess around with micro stations! Last time, Jebediah was stranded aboard ASS due to... minor miscalculations. So Valentina was sent out aboard an all new crew shuttle, decked out with the latest in Kerbal technologies: two seats! It's a tiny bit uncomfortable, but whatever. Liftoff! After the boosters were separated, Valentina heard and explosion, and felt an oscillation around the craft. It was found to be just a decoupler, and the launch proceeded. Success! Valentina arrives at ASS with lots of fuel too spare. She boards the module with Jeb, who's very excited to have a way back home. The crew now can just chill. "So, uh... how's life been treating you?" -Jebediah Kerman
  21. Messing around with Micro Stations! I decided to call the space station the Astro Space Station, or ASS. Yeah, I realized that a little too late... And with that, the space station was ready for inhabitants. Out first inhabitant is, of course, Jeb. However, I didn't quite think too well when making the shuttle craft. Turns out I added the wrong docking port to it. And I also ran out of fuel. Oopsie... Jeb was told by mission control to shut down everything in the space craft, and to EVA over to ASS. Watching my failures float away... Valentina will be sent up in a 2-seater command module, and live with Jeb on his fifty day mission. Things are definitely going to get a little bit cramped though.
  22. Hello, @DennisB! Welcome to the forum!
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