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  1. How'd you get the fish? Is that part of Parallax? Damn you graphics card that can barely run any visual mod!
  2. How to get KSP 2 for FREE in 2022 10 minutes well spent.
  3. What mods do you have installed? BD Armory's a given, as well as MechJeb, Scatterer, and several other visual mods. But what other ones?
  4. Everyone is saying war, because natural causes can’t do anything. But, what is they die out to natural causes we haven’t discovered yet? What if that’s the great filter? You can make it interstellar, but that unnamed phenomenon is what’d kill you. Quite literally, there’s a whole universe of possibilities.
  5. 8/10 If your so Human, do something human, human. I’m human because I’ve said human an inhumanly amount of times.
  6. I like what you've said. Of course, it's unlikely and intelligent species would evolve into another species, especially if they've achieved interstellar travel. Think of it like Humans. You need to protect the brain? Instead of evolving a harder skull, which could take thousands of year,s you could just make a helmet, something that could only take a few days. Of course, this doesn't prevent hard heads from appearing in our society, but that's a whole other conversation. Point is, unless genetic mutations are artificial, they most likely won't evolve out of existence. But that does give enough time for inbreeding, like you said. Also, if they can travel the stars *snap*, like that, than that could also lead to interplanetary superpandemic. Just coined that phrase. It'd be hard to treat this if it's on such a large scale, and could collapse society in a flash on cosmic time scales. There are a variety of things that can go wrong, and the scary thing is all that can happen to us one day, if we're not careful.
  7. Year 2, Day 320 After a little staging accident adding an extension to Kerman Station, the return stage and heat shield for the crew shuttle was accidentally jettisoned. Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but I think that no heat shield or service module in a 200km orbit of Kerbin isn't very good. To ensure the safety of the crew, their stay was shortened to just 40 days. Year 2, Day 330 An unmanned crew shuttle is readied and rolled out to the launch pad on Cape Kerman, Afinni region. It's mission is to return Expedition 2 back to Kerbin. The past 10 days without a return module have been nerve racking. If one thing went wrong on that station, there would pretty much be nowhere to go. At 4:35 UT, the rocket is launched. Liftoff! Module in orbit. Rendezvous with Kerman Station. Docking complete! Expedition 2 on Re-entry. Splashdown! A really, really dark splashdown! Valentina, Sudred, and Kamin are happy to be back home. After that close call, all three are saying they're spaced out for now. In ten days, a new crew will be launched, following a new Minmus Habitat (a new new one, actually. I wasted a lot of Delta V, and had to destroy the old replacement on re-entry).
  8. I've always wondered this, what would an extinction look like for an interstellar species? How would they all die out, how would any life they brought to their colonies survive, and could new intelligence evolve from the ashes? It seems almost impossible a species could go extinct if they can achieve interstellar travel, but things can happen.
  9. Top 10 EXTREME gamer rage moments that BROKE laptop screens *insane* (not clickbait) I went to the store.
  10. The Mun landing was FAKE???? *secret* things the government DOESN'T want you to know
  11. I did a bit of an orbital-oopsie, and kinda sorta blew up my Minmus habitat. I love this game so much.
  12. I’m a human, 100%. After all, what other reason would I have for saying I’m one? Just to make it up? Haha, not me…
  13. I explained that. 5 clickbait replies, and then someone else gives a normal phrase, and other Kerbonauts turn that into a clickbait title. It's really that simple.
  14. Inspired by a YIAY, the point of this game is to take a normal phrase, and turn it into a clickbait title. Every 5 answers, somebody will create a new normal phrase, and then have clickbated, and repeat. First phrase: I got an A on my test.
  15. Back in my day, my species ruled the Earth. Wait, I can’t tell you that.
  16. I’ve pretty much been hanging out with a friend on his Minecraft realm. We’ve been grinding to deafest another team much bigger and powerful than us. I’ve also been a Turf War god in Splatoon 3 for the past few days too.
  17. Also I’ve tweaked the Mars lander. Last time I cut it bit too close.
  18. Looking at KerbalX, all of you really seem to like the Mars Transfer Habitat & lander. How would you all feel if I did something like a Mars space station or base set 10 years after Apollo-Mars 1? I can even share the craft files when it's done.
  19. I just read this back and realized, that still doesn’t answer my question. The breaking ground analysis clearly states that water flowed on Minmus’s surface. If Minmus was a comet, how did water freely flow on it’s surface?
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