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  1. I'm sad to see probably my favorite mission report go, but I'm excited for the new one to come out! And take all the time you need to work on the new report and get into it. After all, it's not fun to read a mission report that the writer's not into. Thank you for the awesome report, TwoCal!
  2. NOVA 5 RETURN - YEAR 4, DAY 81 CREW: Marsha Kerman MISSION OBJECTIVE: Return Marsha Kerman home from Kerman Station LAUNCH VEHICLE: N/A "Nova 5 has successfully undocked from Kerman Station." - Gene Kerman (CAPCOM) After a happy 10 days aboard Kerman Station, it's sadly time for Marsha to return home. She says that this was perhaps the most stunning vacation she's ever been on. "The Celestial Lounge was perhaps the most stunning thing I've ever seen!" Marsha stated. "I spent most of my time there, gawking for hours as cities and oceans passed beneath me! Food could've been better though. 8/10, would recommend!" "Chutes deployed!" - Gene Kerman "Successful splashdown confirmed." - Gene Kerman Another mission complete! Marsha came back successfully, and Beyond gets a huge amount of money from her. However, many in the public are starting to become concerned with Beyond's goals. Many now question if it's still about the exploration of space for all of Kerbalkind, or just simply another one of the UKA's ways to get a quick buck. With partnership after partnership and hardly any steps taken towards heading back to deep space, opinion of Beyond is starting to wane. Maybe it's time to reconsider some things... *** I apologize for the once again very short chapter. I've just been feeling unmotivated recently. KSP still isn't capturing my interest that much, with the install troubles and all, and also it's been hard to get inspiration to write. I hope ya'll understand.
  3. I've been playing a LOT of Cities: Skylines recently. Working on brand new realistic city with a not so brand new name. I also found some good rowhome assets, so, although tedious to place down by themselves, I do have a realistic rowhome sprawl that one sees on the east coast.
  4. To be fair, most of the people who watch Bluey and the show’s prime audience is children. I think man’s (or in this case canine’s) conquest of the red planet flies quite far over their head.
  5. Yeah, I’m just too lazy to keep writing CKR right now. I won’t make an excuse, I have nothing to hide.
  6. I apologize for the very slow update rate right now, my install's been giving me trouble lately. I might need to purge some mods.
  7. YEAR 2, DAY 69 - Dzhebediya Kerman, first Kerbal to set foot on the Mun aboard the Druzhba 7 mission
  8. You said it. Writing and summarizing a mission is surprising difficult, especially when it’s hard to get an idea of what your audience is thinking.
  9. Here’s drawing of the Philadelphia skyline I spent quite a few days making. This is an actual place in Philly too, I literally just zoomed in on some random spot on Google Earth, and then just copied it down.
  10. Moar boosters! But in all seriousness, couldn’t you possibly establish a new colony on Laythe? Sure, it’s far and expensive, but it may pay out in the long run. If you have OPM, Laythe maybe also be a good staging point for missions to Sarnus and beyond.
  11. That is an awesome plane! We at Beyond are ecstatic to see this in flight for the first time, and the pilots in the astronaut complex are abuzz with talk of this plane. Many have started arguing over who will fly it first. We have plans to continue flying the Talon as well, and maybe even add some of own modifications to the plane. Thank you to CalSpace for this amazing plane, and thank you to CalSpace for continuing to work with Beyond!
  12. KIWISAT-G4 - YEAR 4, DAY 77 MISSION OBJECTIVE: Launch the Kiwisat-G spacecraft into a Keosynchronus orbit for a private customer. LAUNCH VEHICLE: Apteryx-9B "All systems GO for launch on the Apteryx-9B." - Kraft Kerman (Flight Director) We return to LC-41 for yet another Apteryx-9B launch, one of the most reliant rockets in Beyond's arsenal. On board is Kiwisat-G4, a keosynchronus satellite that private customers can buy out. This launch will be just like all the others, the rocket will go up and deliver its payload. I really don't have anything else to say but this. "And we have liftoff on the Apteryx-9B, carrying Kiwisat-G4." - Kraft Kerman "Successful stage 2 separation confirmed." - Silverstein Kerman (BOOSTER) "Copy that BOOSTER, we are go for LV-909 startup." - Chris Kerman (ENGINE) "Kiwisat-G4 orbital entry is established." - Kraft Kerman Kiwisat-G4 makes its way to Keosynchronus orbit. "Kiwisat-G4 has reached its target orbit, handing control of the satellite over to customer. Another successful launch everyone!" - Kraft Kerman Stage 2 burning up on re-entry.
  13. In counting *** I'm sure you're all sick of it by now, but here we go! More of Bruvell! Actually, only two pictures. I'd rather actually get to work on the comic it was made for. I took @SunlitZelkova's artistic and architectural advice, and redesigned Bruvell Central Station, now named Bruvell Union Station. It's inspired by Pittsburgh Union Station and Hartford Union Station, as well as, um..., the base game train station asset from Cities: Skylines 2. Cragged, vandalized, and riddled with garbage, this certainly isn't exactly what you'd expect to be the main hub of one of America's most efficient public transport service. What public transport service? Bruvell Regional Transport of course! What, you think Amtrak would base itself in this dump? Built during the turn of the century in the 1910s, this station was once a glimmering beacon of America's rail age and the golden days of Bruvell. Now it's an echo of those long gone golden days, a reminder of what this city once was, and what it has unfortunately become. And on a less dark note, late night deliveries!
  14. Earlier I made a meme blaiming one guy for what happened to KSP 2. It wasn't Nate's fault, and I'd like to apologize for throwing him under the bus like that. I revised the meme to make it a little more accurate to what actually went down. I love it when companies care more about stockholders than customers.
  15. Thank you! I will say that the train station was rather poorly drawn. I feel like I didn't do the source buildings justice, but to each their own. I wanted to make it a fancier, more expensive building as a last echo of the city's glory days. However, I do like brick stations a lot more than those Neo-Classical ones... To the sketch book we go! Once again, thank you for the kind words!
  16. Some more of Bruvell, this time with the various landmark buildings outside of the Downtown. One issue I have with these drawings is that they're lacking in detail though, unlike the last ones. Erie Bank Stadium, home of the Bruvell Team! Why are they called the team you ask? Well, when Bruvell applied for expansion team, they were unable to turn in a proper name before the deadline. So the NFL ended up naming them the Team. They have won no Super Bowls. The stadium is mostly inspired by Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia), but also takes a little bit of inspiration from Highmark Stadium (Buffalo) too. "WKYS, the sound of Bruvell! Tune into 88.7FM for Sports, Music, News, Talk, and more! Everything you need for your commute to work, or to relax too at home. WKYS, Bruvell's go to radio station since 1941!" A little bit of history and radio knowledge is involved in this one. Firstly, the way radio works in the U.S. is that every station east of the Mississippi begins with W, and every station west begins with K. Afterwords is a random assortment of digits from 2-4. In the world Bruvell's in, Erie, PA simply doesn't exist. Bruvell's taken its place. However, both share a history. 1941 is when the first radio station came to Erie, and 88.7 is between the frequencies 88.1 and 107.9, the frequencies of FM radio given to Erie. And, WKYS is an actual station in D.C., but in this world that radio station also simply doesn't exist. Bruvell Central Station, the main hub of all rail activity in Northwestern Pennsylvania! The main transport companies that operate here are Amtrak and Bruvell Regional Transport, and is a connection point between the Northeast corridor, Pittsburg, and Ohio. It's mainly inspired by 30th Street Station (Philadelphia), but also takes a bit of inspiration from Newark Penn and New York Penn. As you can see, this drawing's still a WIP.
  17. Wow, your background are excellent! The hab could use a little bit of work, but the detailing of the martian surface is beautiful! *** A little bit more of Bruvell, ports! Everybody loves a good port! This one's still a WIP, as the background needs to be done (containers galore!), but the crane is pretty much done. 100% not a ripoff of Philaport's cranes. Edit: Drawing completed! The background sucks, but containers are tedious to draw, and roads as well from this angle.
  18. EXPLORER 2 - YEAR 4, DAY 75 MISSION OBJECTIVE: Orbit Duna's moon Ike LAUNCH VEHICLE: N/A After 176 days of coasting through space, Explorer 2 arrives at Ike! Pictures during approach show Ike is very much like the Mun, gray and drab, but strangely not pockmarked. Why is this? It's size and proximity relative to Duna mean is should be covered in craters, yet the surface is smooth as ice. This what science is for. Let's get to orbit! "Orbital insertion burn going well, engine showing no issues." - Chris Kerman (Engines) "Ike orbit confirmed!" - Gene Kerman We've done it again! Another celestial body explored! Data immediately starts flowing back! Ike is certainly an interesting moon. It's orbit and shape suggest that it's in fact not a captured asteroid, but maybe formed from Duna, much like the Mun and Minmus. This wouldn't explain why it's so absurdly sized. The probe will continue study and explore Ike, providing tons more data in the meantime. Science!
  19. PIONEER 2 - YEAR 4, DAY 75 MISSION OBJECTIVE: Orbit Eve's moon Gilly LAUNCH VEHICLE: N/A Nothing much to write home about here. Halfway to Eve, Pioneer 2 performs a midcourse correction burn to adjust it's encounter with Eve. In just over a 100 more days, we'll be in Eve's SOI! However, many more interesting things are happening on the other side of Kerbin...
  20. Here are the rest. This is the first sketch when I was really just starting to think about designing the city. It's really more just me trying to get a feel of what the city should feel like, not necessarily look like. The graffiti on the train track was mostly done by me, the more lewd ones were done by friends (and some random person also added graffiti to it when I wasn't looking. No idea who it was.) The scratched out one is a more political one, and I know the Forum's rules on politics. Just saving the mods a favor This one is when I more worked on the look of city. This is supposed to be where the main characters of the comic live too. Bruvell's a very run down, poor place, so this image reflects that a little more. I spent like a week working on this one, most of that time spent making windows. Not much to say here. Just rowhomes. And lots of wires. Just more practice and visual design. And finally, an add for the transport company operating in and around the city. Bruvell Regional Transport isn't just limited to Bruvell metropolitan area though, and shares lines with Amtrak. Lines go out to Pittsburgh and even Cleveland.
  21. Drew this quite a few months ago. This is the skyline for a fictional rust belt city called Bruvell (name being a gibberish mashup of Bruh-ville). It’s the setting for a comic I’m working on. The city’s mostly analogous to Philadelphia (it’s literally in PA), but also takes a little bit of inspiration from Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, Brooklyn, and Pittsburgh. The city itself is actually quite dumpy. I’ll share a few more sketches of it when I get a chance.
  22. NOVA 5 - YEAR 4, DAY 71 CREW: Marsha Kerman MISSION OBJECTIVE: Send Marsha to Kerman Station aboard Winter Owl's MLO LAUNCH VEHICLE: Reusable Booster System (L00ntech) Marsha climbs the launch tower to the top, ready to begin the greatest getaway she's ever been on. Due to the lack of an airlock on Kerman Station, she will unfortunately not be able to go on EVA. However, she's says that simply being on a space station is already enough. At this point, the RBS and MLO have proven themselves to be very reliable vehicles, so there isn't much for Marsha to worry about. Now, I'm sure you're wondering what here travel itinerary will look like. And if you're not, too bad. On this flight, Marsha will spend around 10 days in space. On board the space station, she will star in a promotional video to gain more public support for the program, and then kinda just take in the novelty of being in space after that. "Liftoff on Nova 5, carrying Marsha to Kerman Station!" - Gene Kerman (CAPCOM) "How are you feeling up there, Marsha?" - Gene Kerman "It's a little... shakier than I thought." - Marsha Kerman "What'd you expect, a river ride? A nice, luxurious, first class plane flight?" - Gene Kerman "Actually, yes." - Marsha Kerman "Where do they find these people." - Gene Kerman "We are go for orbital insertion." - Gene Kerman "Stable orbit confirmed." - Gene Kerman "Handing control of RBS over to EDL." - Silverstein Kerman (BOOSTER) "Successful touchdown confirmed." - Jill Kerman (Head of EDL) Now, back to orbit. The standard rendezvous routine takes place. Orbital plane adjustment (pictured above), and then burning for Kerman Station, burning to slow down at Kerman Station, and then docking. We'll just show you pictures. "We are now on our way to Kerman Station." - Gene Kerman "Hard dock confirmed! Welcome to Kerman Station, Marsha!" - Gene Kerman When the hatch opens, Marsha is greeted by everyone on board the station. She's shown around, but quickly loses here focus when she's brought to the celestial lounge. She settles in for her 10 day stay, while we on Kerbin prepare for some exciting new developments... *** Fun fact, I started writing this yesterday to celebrate Boeing Starliner's first crewed launch, but then of course it had to be postponed. So here's a private spaceflight update not realted to any current events. Oh, and for those who don't know, Starliner is supposed to launch again on Tuesday at 4:43pm EST.
  23. THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM - YEAR 4, DAY !̶̨̛̤̰͈̥̫̯͎̻̘͕̭͎̣̠̠̯̩̦̫̣̦̤̼̯̿̏̈͛̐̉̈́̀̈̾̓̈́̊̃̈́̒̚̚̕͠*̶̬̺̜͎̳̠̦̗͕̝̠̖̭̝̟̝̠̻̭͉͛̂̈́́͒̽́̀̈́͌̑̂͝ͅ@̸̢̧̢̨̻̟̱̖̤̠͉̠̪̮̭̝̯͚̝̠̺̗̤̪̠̔͋͐́̔̈̒͋͂̾̍͂̋̔̎͒̎͘ͅ^̴̨̧̧̛͕̦̱̜̩̗͎̲̰͔̤͎̪͔̪̭̬̤̈́̾͆̾̑̃̔͠$̶̢̛̭͉̳̭̤̹͔̝͔͌͐͗̿̈́̽́̔͐̑̿͊́̓̍͆̈́͗́̐̄͜͝͠͠͠͝͝͝@̶̦͇̮̠͍̬͙̻͕̞̭̠̅̾̀̍͜ MISSION OBJECTIVE: Send crew to the Secret Space Station CREW: [NO DATA AVAILABLE] It's ya boy [REDACTED] back with another update at Kerbin's most secret of space programs. The Dessert Launch Center (DLC) has had some extreme overhauls recently, including the construction of a much more streamlined VAB. Instead of rocket parts being built is separate buildings and then assembled on the launchpad, it can all be built and assembled right there, and then rolled out. Also, the launch control center is no longer a small tower, but now a full fledged center for launch control. And new barracks have been constructed, which I must say are pretty snazzy, especially for a crumby government facility. Now, onto the important part. This mission will be sending a new crew to Triple-S (as most of us on base call the space station), where they will continue to monitor the Mun and signals coming from it. A recent burst of energy has been detected from the surface, higher than anything we've seen. Almost like something has just come through the portal. Rumors have also spread that they'll be working on an unmanned lander mission that will investigate the structure further, but truthfully we have no idea. Sure, shipments have arrived at base, but these could just be for any old satellite launch too. I don't have clearance to enter the VAB, and those who do are ordered not to talk about what's happening inside. Hmm... The new crew who I still don't know the names of make their way to orbit. "Proceeding with orbital insertion burn." - Unknown Commander "Burning for Triple-S." - Unknown Pilot Now we sit and listen. For any little sound movement or smell coming from the Mun. We finally have eyes up there again, and I will do as much as I can to tel you what those eyes see. What secrets do you continue to hide?
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