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  1. I followed all the step as per the install guide but when I load the game it says RP1 not installed correctly Although it started loading and start running fine but admiration building has no one to select from
  2. engineering redux editor redux better time wrap transfer window planner and there dependencies
  3. thanks @NathanKell Now it is showing delta v stats I really didn't change a thing. It just showed this time I have watched your rp1 series Can you plz make a complete step by step tutorial video on how to install rp1 from a scratch stock install and how to launch your 1 st rocket especially how to step up the procedural avionics core (like a absolute beginner guide without skipping a single step) I have been trying to do it for over 2 weeks now and after a lot of head scratching, watching lots of video and a lot of frustration I am still unable to launch my first rocket
  4. I tried that but didn't work My settings.cfg already was set to true for the delta v stats when I opened it but delta v still doesn't show up
  5. I am having these weird graphics glitches every time I change screen No idea why. They started happing out of no where. Although game is running just fine
  6. I asking about accent profile as a hole actually the content of the post was incomplete I should have been more specific When to start gravity turn and what is optimal speed at a given range of altitude
  7. I have started playing ro/rp1 recent but cannot get consistent accent profile and performance ( especially inclination ). Mostly due to not launching from equatorial plane and tilt of the earth. I have tried launching from French Guiana but for some reason it even more inconsistent than from cape Canaveral What is the inclination for a easy TLI ?
  8. I have searched every where on the internet but can't find a guide on how to install principia. I have the zip file but don't know what to do with it.(Win 10)
  9. Its a mission to fix the rover on the mun. The rover was already on the mun Also I did manage to raise the wheels but it still does not move ( brakes are engage to stop it from moving down hill. Even when brakes disengaged rover does not move on control )
  10. How to do that? The rover just fall on the ground if I try to remove the wheels I tried toggling those
  11. I have a mission to fix this rover on the mun. I have added batteries to it but it is not moving or responding to controls.
  12. Thanks a lot man for going this far. I already get it out of there by sliding it to a near by valley and it get off the surface for enough time to get it of. (semi realistic physics )
  13. the problem is that I don't have monopropellant for rcs I forgot that mk2 don't have monopropellant like mk1
  14. I am not panicking , Just wanna how to get out of this situation
  15. 2nd one When ascending my rocket start rolling automatically and don't wanna recover from roll
  16. My Landing was disastrous and now I am stuck on the mun, Also how to add snapshots from my computer on the forum I currently have some 2500 delta v and no monopropellant for rcs I am laying horizontal on the moon surface
  17. All my rockets designs are very unstable during performing rolls Have no idea why they are fairly stable pitch and yaw
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