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    AdvertCity Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/voxelstorm/advertcity Website: http://riot.itch.io/advertcity Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VoxelStorm Twitter: https://twitter.com/voxelstorm AdvertCity is a game where you advertise stuff. And do so at a very morally questionable level. And it's got some really badass procedural generation stuff. It's hard to explain, but it LOOKS AMAZING. Seriously, read this: AdvertCity is set in a huge procedurally generated cyberpunk city, with glassy water and very abstract visuals, built on top of an incredibly high fidelity simulation. Right now, it's already really detailed, but more is being planned - eventually, the developers want a fully simulated city, where the actions of single people all individually affect the high level simulation, to a huge extent. It'll even have little details, like the lights in buildings switching off all one-by-one as the denizens sleep and go through their lives, and the unpredictability of technological phenomenons such as memes and viral videos affecting the gameplay overall. The game is set in a futuristic yet bleak world where advertising is everywhere, and you are part of it. You need to advertise for companies, try and maintain your relationships which these companies, and even eventually work up to a huge power, buying out corporations and expanding through both legal and illegal means... but always immorally. Eventually, a citizen can't look anywhere without seeing an advertisement on a billboard, in a shop window, on their phone, on blimps, or anywhere, really! The game is made by people who love the technology behind it, and spend a lot of time reading up on studies and academic papers researching population densities, land values, terrain effects, and of course advertising. They are committed to having versions of the game on all platforms, and have written their own in-house engine so they aren't held back by any limitations. Every CPU calculation is used to the fullest, meaning even the biggest and most complex cities can run well on old hardware. Buy it on the Kickstarter early for a reduced price! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/voxelstorm/advertcity
  2. Haha, to be honest, no, I haven't tried it. I simply assumed things... sorry!
  3. Ah, right, I see It's a nice coding project. It's pretty cool, though as said before pretty pointless everything considered. The missing part problem, is a vital issue with the game ass opposed to this mod in particular... maybe you could change this into a fully fledged program with a GUI, and have it check the persistence file and compare it to the users parts list? Then, after this check warn the player and tell them the modded craft weren't merged into the persistence file, then start up the game through a button on this program as apposed to starting it manually. It would make multiplayer a lot easier, that's pretty sure. You could even go a step further and have a plugin within the game that gives each craft an I.D in the game and tells the outside program these I.Ds after you exit the game so that the program can fully distinguish between each ship and piece of debris, allowing for people to modify other people's craft without duplication issues.
  4. Err... not to rain on your parade, but we've already had this for a long while. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/8610-0-14-0-16-Kessler-asynchronous-shared-world-multiplayer-%28-save-editor%29
  5. Actually, I completely wrote this by myself, but I intended to write it as a generic OP so that it could be posted on any forum to try and boost knowledge about the game.
  6. Planetary Annihilation! Website: http://planetaryannihilation.com/ Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/659943965/planetary-annihilation-a-next-generation-rts Planetary Annihilation is a new game that was recently announced on Kickstarter, created by many of the same developers of famous RTS games such as Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation, and newer games such as Super Monday Night Combat. What is so special about this game, you may ask? Well, it's going to revolutionise RTS gameplay. Instead of a traditional rectangular map, the developers are aiming to achieve a full solar system with round planets, which as many as 40 or more players fighting in one game, on seperate planets and asteroids. It is set in a science-ficiton future where technology has become the best of it's kind, after humans have been wiped out and an interplanetary war started by humans is still being carried out by replicating robots that fight endlessly. Game Information The official Planetary Annihilation forum PC Gamer Interview Forum Thread of official announced features About it: "We're not shooting for realism; we're shooting for awesome" This game isn't meant to be a super realistic game. At quoted above, they are focusing a lot more on the gameplay than the realism side of things. Despite this, many parts of the game are still physics based; you can alter planetary orbits, you can fire using large artillery cannons from celestial object to celestial object! When travelling around, you don't use warp drives; you use good old rocket engines. The game world isn't a bunch of preset planets. When relocating to a new planet all the gameplay still happens around you. Time doesn't freeze with multiple different static play areas; instead, the game world is fully simulated and you have full control over gameplay, everywhere. Each planet can interact with another, to the extent of CRASHING ASTEROIDS INTO PLANETS. Yes, you hear me correctly. Official Trailer: Modding is an extremely high priority for the game developers. They plan to allow you to install mods directly when joining a server instead of needing to hunt them down, and a full scripting system is planned. Each game planet is fully procedural and this means that every time you play, you can either have a randomly generated map, a built in preset map, or even load in planets you made with an in-game editor and map your own solar system. The editor isn't in any way limited; you'd be able to make unlimited sized planets as far as the game could handle without crashing, and even then if you are feeling cocky you will be able to override it with a simple console command. The developers aren't skimping on multiplayer, either. They are making sure to support Windows, Mac and Linux, and LAN multiplayer will be fully supported. They are trying to make the possibilities endless; in the finished game, you'll even be able to "share" a faction with another player to allow both big set up multiplayer tounraments where several players on the same faction could all individually micro-manage a few planets while sharing the same resource pools and units, or you could have dozens of seperate factions, all playing in the same world, at the same time, fully interacting with each other. It's completely versatile: one minute you could be playing a small game with only one planet and a very small amount of players, traditional RTS style, and the next you could be trekking across entire solar systems, fighting off thousands of units from dozens of factions on hundreds of planets and moons. With such great multiplayer possibilities, you'll want to remember these epic battles. That's why a full gameplay recorder is being implemented, which will record every step of the game, and you will be able to play it back later. None of these static recordings either! You'll be able to change camera position and angles, change what faction's line of site you are viewing and view their resources at any time, and watch a fully dynamic recording afterwards which means that casual players can enjopy rewatching their best battles while both groups could view it to carefully refine what they had done wrong, and hone up their skills. TotalHalibut's Developer Interview: Remember to try and pledge high! With a $40 pledge you get the game in Beta stage, the soundtrack, and an exclusive commander. WIth a $100 pledge, you get a digital copy of the game, access to the alpha, a physical box of the game, a set of miniature models, and another special Alpha commmander. You also get the rewards from all previous pledges! Stretch Goals! 1. $1,100,000 - Naval Units and Water Planets 2. $1,300,000 - Gas Giants and Enhanced Orbital Units 3. $1,500,000 - Lava and Metal Planets 4. ??? - ??? 5. ??? - ???
  7. Well, Minecraft butchered the meaning of Alpha and Beta; technically, Alpha is when all the game's features and being implemented, and Beta is purely bug fixes and minor additions. In theory, Minecraft isn't anywhere near out of Alpha! just check the planned features page and bug list
  8. Try doing dofile("mun.lua") I've found stuff can act weird if you don't append the .lua, somehow.
  9. Err... we all know this. They were talking about an attitude control deadzone to stop oscillation...
  10. But... why would you need to do that in any sane case? Mechjeb can fly almost any ship perfectly already.
  11. It would, however, be fun to have the V.A.B on a tablet or mobile phone!
  12. Oh, yes, I watched it again and I missed a couple of lines of what you said. When watching it the first time I just mostly skimmed through it, and missed the sentence where you explained it being due to the thrust being along the same vector - sorry! ;D
  13. I completely agree. I\'ve managed rendesvous, without mechjeb, around both kerbin and the mun (not tried minmus yet, though), and it\'s pretty easy as long as you are patient. Now that every warp amount has been bumped up one and thus you can do 50x warp at 70km, it shouldn\'t take long at all. Instrumentation would make it a lot simpler, we don\'t need anything other than some orbital inclination synch helpers and a relative velocity heads-up really. A lot of that stuff isn\'t even used, it\'s just there so we can see it as they get computers to do the difficult stuff for them! I really don\'t understand how MJs instrumentation is limited at all. The normal one is ok for almost everything already! When we get mission planning, it\'ll make stuff even easier.
  14. I think the reason that the spin-stabilized rockets tipped over so quickly was that the extra fuel tank on top caused it to tip over quicker due to it making the rocket top-heavy. Every rocket launch so far then had started slightly tipping, and I think that the extra fuel tank simply amplified how quickly this happened. I may be wrong here, though, as in my experience it may just be a lack of control meaning I cannot get my rockets back upright and negate the momentum! Also, you had an issue with the thrust of rockets hitting a decoupler; I think that if you had flipped the decoupler 180 degrees, it would\'ve stuck to the command pod instead and leaving the rocket free to go up. Also, your explanation of the pendulum rocket fallacy is really quite inaccurate. It\'s nothing to do with gravity; it\'s all to do with where the thrust is coming from. No matter how high or low the thrust is, it\'s always coming from the same thrust vector as long as you don\'t can\'t where it is horizontally. You seemed to think it was actually due to gravity working equally on each part (in itself also an accuracy, as since every object no matter it\'s mass accelerates the same amount more force must be working on objects with more mass). If we bypass that to what I assume you meant, gravity is still completely irrelevant. It\'s just to do with how the thrust is coming from the same vector. You must\'ve missed your first few classes on astrophysics!
  15. When could an official planet creator be implemented? It looks very fun to mess with 8). I\'m loving the teasers, keep \'em coming!
  16. It\'ll be fine, but you\'ll need to go into the game and re-bind all the E.V.A controls, probably.
  17. This is not a game issue, but instead a Unity one. Also, this should probably be in the suggestions section.
  18. This is not mines (from 'Rubber Ducky' on another forum): I\'m seeing around about thirty kerbalnauts there.
  19. That\'s what people think is slow? I thought 0.2m/s was a generally fine landing speed... I mean, landing at 10m/s would be crazy. That\'s over 30km/h!
  20. What? ValvE don\'t do that... The only game with many microtransactions is TF2, which was basically their experiment business model. And besides, all the stuff you can buy can also be obtained in-game!
  21. Chapter 2, yes, but this gives versions 0.1 - 0.6; versions never released to public. These aren\'t things in-game. This is code that other developers or plugin makers could use.
  22. Nope, it\'s because it\'s takes far less memory to procedurally generate something than to actually store it; Kerbin is massive. You\'d need to store gigabytes of information to store the entire planets surface.
  23. Procedural generation has no upper limit whatsoever. Physics and number inaccuracies do, however; this is irrelevant though because of KSP\'s floating origin system.
  24. My point is, you make it sound easy, but it\'s not. It\'s extremely, EXTREMELY difficult. Just our (relatively basic) procedural terrain took months to create!
  25. Yeah, it\'s also called 'Making sure all the values entered are possible, making something that can create planets from simple numbers, making sure it\'s still enjoyable and not overly boring, making sure you don\'t have cases where a planet can orbit inside itself or a star or another planet, making sure planets aren\'t square shaped, making sure the textures aren\'t just white noise, making sure the random planet lines up with the random texture'...
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