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  1. Gotta check this out when I get the chance! Does this come with the jet engines seen in the picture as well?
  2. Loving the update so far. Just did a quick orbital mission with the cupola variant of Crew Dragon, awesome stuff!
  3. Ambrosius Medium is now on KerbalX!: https://kerbalx.com/ManateeAerospace/Ambrosius-Medium
  4. Saturn derivatives with merlin engines. I'm currently calling this rocket series Ambrosius, unless y'all have ideas?
  5. Loving the update so far. I tried out the parts the only way I know how, by sticking engines on rockets they were never meant for.
  6. I don’t think there is. It’s still technically wip. But it already includes a lot so far. Manual install was worth it imo.
  7. I actually don't recall why I put on Verniers, fair point. I think those are GEM series boosters though I forget which model. Also those aren't RS-68's, they're Falcon 9 Merlin clusters from Tundra Exploration...so let that sink in. But good job otherwise, . (No Gold Star emoji, sorry fellas). Edit: Actually just remembered. The verniers are there to provide additional thrust post-booster separation. Darn liquid fuel's gotta weigh so much!
  8. I have no excuses. I've done nothing wrong. Say hello to Myrrdin. A surprisingly effective medium-heavy lifter. May need an extra helpin' of Centaur or somethin'... Also feel free to guess which mods/parts were used here (boosters should be recognizable).
  9. So when an SDLV and Falcon 9 love each other very much and adopt Delta II boosters... Say hello to Myrrdin. A surprisingly effective medium-heavy lifter. Still need to work on RCS though. Centaur may be necessary. If y'all can guess the mods/parts I used, you get a gold star, or a cookie or something whatever you internet folk do these days. Also apologies for the hot minute absence. I've been busy with other things, including a much need PC upgrade (I blame Starfield and Phantom Liberty).
  10. The rocket used in Mission Space has a different overall design, but oddly enough the colors and pattern are oddly similar.
  11. So I actually got to ride Mission Space in Epcot over the weekend with my brother. Maybe it's just me but I swear that the spacecraft from the ride kinda reminded me of this concept. The last part even has you landing the spacecraft airplane/glider style. Perhaps someone at Disney World/Epcot is a low-key spaceflight nerd?
  12. Also BDB should have a fair number of craft files built in, especially if you downloaded via CKAN. Check your stock craft folder. There should be a bunch there.
  13. Gonna test this further, but I encountered this error when first booting up. I will post a log soon (hopefully). Will keep y'all posted. Edit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fc9suR03XfRgaKjf1nZoZviWMroaq0Pu/view?usp=sharing
  14. Fantastic work! I made a minor adjustment on the muo interstage so it fit better (visually) with the upper stage, and it might need more roll capability. But otherwise this is awesome.
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