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  1. Yes. The snack compartment in the crew module contains multiple döners for the crew to enjoy. The rocket costs 200k kerbal funds. I think that's 3,50 euros?
  2. I don't recall anything about that because I started playing in February, but I think I have a pretty good guess. Is it GravityTurn? It was around since 1.0.5, and it seems like it does exactly what you're talking about... Hope that helps.
  3. Every product you order online is shipped to you via hypersonic missile. Estimated time from ordering to arrival at your location is no more than a few hours. I think. You just said you wanted it faster right? You said nothing about it being shipped intact... I wish for a Serbian dinar
  4. I landed on Duna. Don't worry about what Jeb's doing. He's just examining what seems to be a hole in his spacesuit. The lander has a descent and ascent stage like the LM. The descent stage has a bunch of Oscar-B tanks and an FL-T100 tank, powered by a Terrier engine. Slapping a bunch of Baguette/Dumpling/Doughnut tanks on a Spark engine makes for a pretty good ascent stage. The descent stage has about 1200m/s Δv. It's just enough for a deorbit burn (from like 190-200km or something) and landing without any parachutes. Jeb landed somewhere near the South Pole. The ascent stage has more than 3300m/s Δv. The mothership in orbit has about 1000m/s Δv left I think? I may or may not have to do a rescue mission. I'll definitely have to refuel the mothership with the lander's fuel. About that, the ascent stage has about 1300-1600m/s Δv after reaching.... some kind of orbit, I don't remember that much from my test runs. I haven't tried reaching orbit just yet, both stages of the lander are still on the surface. The ascent stage has a TWR of 1.2 when lifting off from Duna's surface I think. The lander is better designed than the rest of the payload and rocket that sent it to Duna. I put an antenna on the lander that should be good enough for contact with the mothership. But the mothership doesn't have any antennas on it so it was useless. Here is the mothership: The thing on the very bottom of the picture, next to the Mün, is the discarded aforementioned Rhino stage. And now the rocket: I present to you the Döner IV. Its first stage is the 2 Twin-Boars on its sides. Liftoff TWR is about 1.2. The second stage with the Mammoth engine has TWR of about 1.7. The Rhino upper stage takes the rest of the payload to orbit. The Döner mothership has 4 solar panels. It is powered by a Poodle engine. The command module has 4 main chutes and 4 drogue chutes. The LES on the very top of the rocket is completely useless aside from aesthetics and aerodynamics reasons. If you're wondering about I, II and III... The Döner I was used to send an orbiter to Duna and Ike. The second Döner was used to land a Kerbal on Ike. There was a variant of the Döner II, the Döner IIb, which ditched the lander entirely. The third Döner was a failed attempt at getting a Kerbal on Duna's surface and back (never went anywhere close to Duna's SOI.) All of these rockets were built in career mode. This one was built in a sandbox save.
  5. Still there on latest version (1.12.3) as well. also the patch you linked still works too
  6. KSP 1.12.3 (with like 20-30 mods I think?) almost consumes all my available RAM (8gb, about 95% usage when I'm playing), it probably takes up a bit of the swap partition the entire time I'm playing (before it finally leaks enough memory and crashes the desktop). 1.0.5 only takes up almost 2gb. I need to download more RAM...
  7. This song refuses to leave my head. It will never escape. Soon my life will become nothing but an endless loop of DJ birdy-chicken dance
  8. There will be snow tomorrow in Sofia. But very little. After that there won't be any snow until the second or third week of December I think
  9. No you're wrong. What idiot names their account tajwo? How do you even pronounce that? ... Wait, no! @Kerb24 Probe hailer what is your wisdom?
  10. I just set the game resolution really low and clicked the maximize button.
  11. I tried flying that VTOL thing that comes with the game. I can't even get it to take off half of the time without rapidly disassembling it but I think I can fly it rather well other than that. I need to work on my landings too.
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