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  1. I did some more programming.... Over the course of about 5 days or so I think (also getting rid of all the code and starting over completely... multiple times) I somehow pulled this thing together by spit and duct tape: It's nothing impressive at all. The only programs here are Busybox, and a screenfetch-like program written in C (not by me, someone else.) It's very limited. Single-user only, can't be bothered with anything else right now. It's more of a skeleton than complete system. Other than all of that I tried to find some lost stuff from the internet and failed (not surprising). One of it was a development discussion mailing list for a particular recently defunct project. I had actually saved archives of it on my computer almost a year back to test another little script I wrote. Shortly after, I deleted the downloaded archives. If only I held onto them a little (5 months) longer or someone invents a time machine so I can tell my slightly younger (early 2022) self to treasure that bunch of text files.. whatever, it's in the past. I regret it, that's all I can really do now. Short time ago while I was looking through files I found a text file, it turned out that was one of the archives (2016-October.txt). At least I have a tiny part of it now, that's nice..
  2. Over on career mode, I did a few things, I sent two probes (aptly named Docker) and docked them with eachother. Then after that I sent Val (for a second time) to the Mun, and she returned safely. On the first time, she was barely able to leave the Mun's SOI, and was rescued about a (Kerbin) day after she was confirmed stranded. I sent her on another mission to Minmus, but it ended up reaching the Mun instead. I wasn't paying enough attention to the landing and she just barely touched down on the surface at a safe enough speed. I landed Val inside either the East Crater or East Farside crater, I don't remember. Then I figured I still had enough fuel to launch from the Mun, land on Minmus and come back to Kerbin. During Val's trip to Minmus she found this: It was very enticing. A few quicksaves later I gave up trying to get inside the tear and just planted a flag next to it, called "Glitch 1". Further investigation to be done... I ended up getting about 800 Science! from that mission, unlocked a few nodes in R&D. Verygood
  3. It snowed for brief period in the morning here in Sofia but it seems like it's all gone now.
  4. Aside from sending some lander probes and satellites to the Mün and Minmus in a career save, I attempted a Dres landing in sandbox. Halfway successful. Only hurdle now is to get Jeb (and the rest of the crew up in orbit) back home. Not very certain that will work though, I don't think I have enough fuel. While the spacecraft was in LKO i encountered this...is it a sign of bad luck?
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