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  1. Will ksp2 add timed events like tide? sunflare? aura? Or some disaster like wind, earthquake, and even volcano? Or changing planets that will change over time, like lava rising and lowering, temperature change based on its position? Whats more... A planner/trigger which can decide some celestial object's events happen on a certain time, in order to make wonderful stories/challenge?
  2. Also on Kerbin, music will lighter, played by guitar like Timber Hearth in Outer wilds? As on Eve, music could be like the nether in Minecraft(eg Concrete Halls, Dead Voxel), deep, low, just like its atmosphere. Maybe even have some music for special events? Such as aerobraking near kerbin, driving a plane on laythe, or visiting your colonies?
  3. YES! We need more environmental sounds and planet‘s own music to render the "base mood".
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