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  1. Heyo! I'm having the exact same issue as Makrom, I would love to use the Coaxial SSTO Fusion Engine, but it outright shuts down every engine and stops them from allowing me to throttle them at all. This definitely does not work, Only for the Coaxial Engine specifically is this an issue. I've used plenty of other engines from this mod and only found problems with this one specifically. For some reason, it completely prevents any engine on the vessel from being thottled, yet everything else works just fine. I've been trying to test a new transfer stage that utilizes this engine, and my launch vehicle wont even function with it on my vessel, the launch vehicle worked flawlessly when I removed those engines.
  2. A good place to learn to use inclinations is going to and returning from minmus, try to set your orbit around minmus to be roughly at its equator before you reach it (middle of transfer basically), then do the same returning to kerbin. Minmus is on a tilted orbit, which makes this a good place to learn before heading to interplanetary inclination changes. you might also notice its cheaper to adjust inclination mid transfer than from the orbit of another body (I believe its also cheaper to adjust inclination the further you are from the body your orbitting? not sure on this).
  3. if your going for interstellar trips like that, you'll definitely want more powerful reactors, Or, assuming you have far future tech, fusion/antimatter stuff. fusion reactors burn through fuel much faster but produce more electricity than fission reactors (i dont think there is an antimatter reactor but i know there are antimatter engines, burn antimatter quite fast but are hyper efficient). Anyway, NearFutureElectrical also comes with Nuclear Storage options, in the same technode as the reprocessor there should be 3 Nuclear storage tanks of varying size, Intended to store EnrU and DepFuel. (should be called nuclear storage container or something identical). If not in the same technode, they should be spread across a few stock technodes. Mining was just a suggestion if your willing to deal with the hassle, but effectively yes, you would need a vessel that can rendezvous with a mining base and a ship in orbit. but for interstellar trips, as I mentioned earlier in this response, id actually suggest going with far future techs fusion reactors. FarFuture features two different scoops (1 for atmosphere, 1 for exosphere) that can gather various resources, including the necessary He3 and Deuterium that FarFutures Fusion reactors require (it also gathers antimatter, for the antimatter engines, but its very slow). It also features a bunch of high efficient engines that run on fission, fusion, and antimatter technology. while keeping the same relatively simple systems of nearfuturetech. (I play with near future and KSP Interstellar, Interstellar is very fun but from my point of view, much more complicated) Edit: also it is entirely possible to create a multipurpose ship, your ship, depending on its size, could just feature the mining equipment itself, land, and leave, assuming it has powerful enough engines to do so. If its large, could feature a detachable vessel that can head down, do the mining, and return to its mothership. for OPM though, just large enough storage will likely do you well enough, I visited Plock in one of my saves, took something like 40 in game years, didnt land on it though, just orbited
  4. heyo, back again a few hours later. I did find a specific part that should fulfill your needs. however, it does not refine uranite from my understanding, it only refines Depleted fuel, or Ore. This is the Nuclear Reprocessor that comes with NearFutureElectrical. It is very efficient with electric charge, but requires cooling to use effectively. It can Reprocess DepletedFuel back into EnrU at a ratio of 2/1 (Depfuel/EnrU), can convert Depfuel to Xenon, and can process Ore into EnrU (at 1000 ore to 1 EnrU, it produced 3.6 enrU per hour, at 1 ore per second and 200 EC per second). If your willing to deal with mining, this should keep your Kerbopower Gen running infinitely. Otherwise, the enrU it stores is very high as well, allowing your generator to run MUCH longer than the expected 5 year lifespan of the 11 EnrU it already holds. Edit: can be found either in AdvScienceTech (according to its config) or in Nuclear Fuel Systems (if CommunityTechTree is installed)
  5. Not 100% sure what mods you have besides Near Future, but there should be an ISRU in the utilities section that refines Uranite to EnrU (or even Ore to EnrU in my case, though my game is very heavily modded). Fission Reactors/Generators, last an extremely long time even on their own internal fuel supply, something like 5 years in game time iirc. I couldve sworn there was a fuel tank type that stores EnrU though, I certainly have one, thought It might only have that because I have interstellar fuel switch installed. the Fuel tank looks like a steel barrel with a radioactive symbol on it. In terms of long term alternatives, Honestly solar panels are the best energy source unless you absolutely intend to go to the outer parts of the Kerbol System (or beyond, if you have mods for interstellar travel, or have mods that rebalance these energy sources in some way). Fission reactors are a very good energy source when not going the solar route.
  6. in terms of planet packs, there's galileo's planet pack, grannus planet pack, precursors planet pack, strange new worlds, and some more i likely missed. I *think* all of these can be made as their own star systems away from the Kerbol system. But im not 100% sure on that. I primarily use Galaxies Unbound and Outer Planets Mod.
  7. thermal power is basically a resource from what I know, you can use it up by attaching a generator to the top or another engine to the bottom (such as a thermal rocket nozzle) to the reactor/nuclear engine (there are nuclear engines that can have their thruster replaced by a thermal/plasma/magnetic nozzle). Thermoelectric generators use Thermalpower to generate ElectricCharge
  8. thx for the tips, ive noticed recently that just dropping my render quality down generally fixes the issue. though the game doesnt quite seem to recognize my graphic setting until i reupdate it in the settings menu (which is really weird). Ram so far ive found slowly reduces itself overtime and stabilizes, only increasing when there's a lot of stuff happening on screen (such as a part loaded rocket taking off)
  9. Heyo, about 1 week later without a response, So just wondering if anyone is able to help me understand this. There's effectively no info i can find that actually explains in good detain how the thermal mechanics with KSPIE work, and the thermal helper in the image above, while informative, somewhat confuses me. Ive seen 4 colors on it (red, yellow, blue, green) and, while i could make a guess that the colors represent better heat management, i would like some actual explanation on how the thermal mechanics actually work.
  10. heyo again! lately my ksp modded instance has been really all over the place in performance, and I'm not sure how to stabilize it. without removing mods, id rather not remove mods outright, I run precisely 123 mods, all on CKAN, with in game showing 91 active mods (I'm assuming this number is reflecting mods that actually make changes/additions to the game, and doesn't include core mods basically). My pc specs are an i7 10700F 2.9ghz cpu, Geforce 2070S (8GB V-ram), 32GB ram, for the ones that matter. (id absolutely love to run Parallax once some issues with it are sorted out for the 2.0 update, relating to Kopernicus borking something with Galaxies Unbound) When I run the game, it tends to max out my V-ram, which is strange because just adjusting my graphic settings then resetting them back to what I had them set to before, drops my V-ram usage by about 20% (if not more sometimes). While my Ram usage is ensured to drop so long as I reduce resolution quality to "good" instead of "beautiful". So, are there any options besides removing mods, and constantly readjusting my settings *EVERY* time I launch the game, that can help keep V-ram and Ram usage down? I'm pretty sure my setup is more than overkill for even modded ksp. Suggestions or help besides mods is also appreciated (I am asking this here because I'm not 100% sure where to actually ask this, its kinda a mix of addon suggestions and tech support, I understand if this gets moved to a more appropriate place if this is not the right place to ask)
  11. thank god someone else has this problem, I got the exact same error after installing parallax 2.0, and I use Galaxies Unbound as well
  12. Heyo! Just a simple question regarding radiators and reactors, and dissipating the heat. Mostly to do with the thermal mechanics helper. Im honestly struggling to figure out exactly whats worth keeping an eye on, but my best guess is the parts that turned blue? Ive launched multiple rockets with reactors before that run pretty much perfectly fine but these thermal mechanics are still kinda hard to understand for me. Little help? this mod can honestly be a bit confusing at times (only today did I just finally realize that 1MJ = 1000EC when converted between using the Supercapacitors, which finally gave me some understanding on that part) Also, asking with my own thread cause, quite frankly, the KSPIE thread seems kinda dead right now. image of my current rocket under construction, fitted with an Antimatter reactor that feeds into a thermal nozzle, and a thermal generator (ignore the charged particle generator, I swapped it with a thermal generator after realizing the particular reactor doesnt feed into charged particle gens, a while after taking this image), as well as info on the radiator I plan to utilize. Quick EDIT: the Antimatter reactor is a beam core reactor added by Interstellar Technologies, hence its ability to work with thermal nozzles.
  13. Back with another question, this time about reactors and fuels. I have a basic idea of how these are suppose to interact, function, get more, etc. BUT there's a big problem im having. Some reactors use fuels that basically dont exist anywhere else (besides a single storage part), i have combed the entire tech tree looking for upgrades and tanks, as well as combed through all the parts trying to figure this out. This isnt the only one, but for example, ive been trying to figure out how the heck i can get more uraniumnitride for a pebble bed reactor, and there is virtually nothing that seems to provide it, not even an ISRU, the only thing with it is a single storage part thats hexagonal shaped. this is on top of the fact that i dont see a bunch of specific fuel types available for some engines and reactors, even though i have the tech researched. i have KSPIE, IFS core, redistributables, and interstellar technologies, as well as nearly the entire near future line up ( including electrics, if that matters, as well as far future), galaxies unbound, and some performance and visual mods, as well as helpful mods like mechjeb and KER. no mods appear to have incompatibilities.
  14. both were solved pretty quickly after the first failure, my staging is pretty much set up so that every stage is 1 thing (this is a rocket that doesnt need multiple parts per stage, so the launch rockets thruster is the only thing in the first stage). the second part I did autostrut everything, i even added some actual struts to the rocket, the issue im honestly assuming is related to mechjeb in some way, as it happens upon launching after activating the ascent guidance autopilot. but the weird thing is that it kinda fixed itself by choosing a different root part, this issue strangely only happens if i have a manned module with kerbals inside, that arent the root controlling part.
  15. Heyo again! another question pretty soon after my spaceplane one, this one regarding decoupling issues. I use mechjeb fairly heavily, as my personal skills suck (slowly learning however, I've performed a couple launches and maneuvers manually) I built a Payload rocket for the use of delivering space station parts into relatively low orbit (200km), and have built 2 segments of my space station. But I've noticed that when launching the power module and science module (power is connected, science one annoyed me), it had a tendency to instantly decouple the module part right after launching, I generally use mechjeb for these, and before this has never really been a problem. I'm wondering if it has to due with multiple command modules existing on the rocket (I have a guidance computer for my payload rocket, and the science module specifically has a manned command module (exists purely for the science experiment tied to it, plus lets me bring a ton of kerbals to the station in one shot, as I can carry up to 7 total with it and the science lab on board), and technically a guidance computer in the form of KSPIE's orbital assembly docking port, the ports I'm using to create the space station with). the main control module is the payload rockets guidance computer. Could someone explain this to me why it possibly happens? I did notice that re-rooting the entire assembly to the manned control pod, then switching control to the guidance computer at the launch pad, stopped it from happening and it launched like normal, but I'm very confused. Is it a mechjeb issue? related to the command pods? root part? I have no idea what's causing it. On a side note, what's the maximum distance for docking procedures? how close do I have to be to the craft to dock, its somewhat annoyed me at times that I cant set docking ports as targets, I read that the maximum distance is 200m?
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