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  1. Love the mod. But does anyone have any idea why it is making every single ship texture semi-transparent and really fuzzy, especially on camera movement?
  2. Thanks for the help, I see what happened. The part mirroring automatically misaligned one of the nose cone motors in the included craft file, leading one of them to launch an SRB directly into the external tank. Sorry for all of the questions, but any tips on making sure the mechanical arm doesn't flop all over the place during flight?
  3. Fantastic modeling! I do have a question about the manual, however. I'm trying to figure out the mechjeb profile for the shuttle ascent, but the described parameters either don't exist in mechjeb, or more likely, I am unfamiliar with them. For example, I am not aware of any setting that allows you to establish an orbit without coasting, or even an eccentric orbit for that matter (without extra maneuvers). Additionally, which setting relates to pitch rate? Would it be possible to send a screenshot of the proper mechjeb settings? Finally, whenever I try using my mechjeb profile, the SRBs end up just destroying the orange fuel tank because the boosters separate while the shuttle is rolled on its back during the ascent. Thanks!
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