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  1. Thank you, I have just started development. This is my first mod so it wont be the best, I am currently working on textures
  2. Pheibos is a mod I've wanted to work on for a while, it adds a submoon to the mun, and minmus.
  3. long time since anyone posted here, any progress on the mod?
  4. Thanks for considering my idea! If you do make it able to be installed, which i would love to test, when?
  5. Speaking of which, will this require modulemanager with kopernicus?. Also will this mod be able to be played with OPM or MPE?
  6. Oof, PC stolen and most data erased, i hope this mod comes out soon, you should make a beta version with all the planets and stars you are going to put in (but with no textures) and slowly update them to all have textures
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