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  1. I just dowloaded this mod, and I cant seem to find out how to use each fuel content. I use CKAN
  2. For some reason I cant scale any of the fairing bases any larger than 1.500m, and I've tried a lot of things.. Any help available? I'm not using career mode and I think its somehow linked.
  3. Ok.. I did that but it seems to not respond almost exactly half way into the asset loading and never responds.
  4. I cant seem to find the CKAN File.. Any help on that?
  5. How use the parts in eva? I did a few minmus landings and it says i cant carry of the parts due to weight
  6. ive been searching for a tank treadand hull mod for ages now and this is the best i got, but it dont got no treads nor hulls
  7. I just made a helicopter and the engines just wont start, i try to activate them manually and in the stages but still nope
  8. my mods seem to just disable the steam workshop load folder
  9. Is there a reason why whenever I launch my missile it crashes the whole game?
  10. Logs :https://drive.google.com/file/d/18FY7RbwYUThCrdv7L_f5P4ZuXnREWmDG/view?usp=sharing Any help?
  11. Help me with this! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MNRlK6yMfQ8V7UORqe8opZyKgMfDTmEb/view?usp=sharing
  12. By the way, i just wanted to point out i was doing that just now as i restarted! But, This is a tweakscale server so!
  13. Ok Then help me use ckan cuz its like sus please? like NSI There isnt a checkmark box? idk what that means so id rather just restart from scratch entierley
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