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  1. I can’t tell if there is supposed to be a picture there or not. Either way it’s hilarious
  2. Though I hope thats comes into the game, I would like for you to unlock it only after your first landing on Duna or so. However annoying, it can be really exhilarating to dodge hills and rocks as you’re landing. You not really going to get that if you know where all of the perfectly smooth parts of the planet are.
  3. This is kinda my ideal aero. People can still build their weird, goofy ahh creations but more experienced and in depth players can have much more challenges, like making a hypersonic plane where you actually have to account for the heat and shape of the craft. Exactly man!
  4. Software companies literally do that all the time. Bug fixes, rebalancing, code rewrites, free updates and just complete reworks don’t increase profits but really aren’t new in the tech industry. We’re gonna be seeing this a lot in KSP2, especially during early access, so I don’t really understand why they couldn’t add it. If anything, wouldn’t it attract people from the hardcore sim community?
  5. They already have a aero model in the game as we speak. If a couple of mod devs can make an advanced aero model and even a Kerbin wide weather sim, I don’t see why Intercept couldn’t do it. Would it be easy? No, but it’s absolutely possible.
  6. Hey guys, I have an idea. How ‘bout we have the aerodynamics as a difficulty setting? People can still have their flying grand pianos, but people that want a more realistic experience can do that.
  7. This could have some really cool implications. Later in the game you’re probably gonna want to save up on resources so that you can go interstellar. Something really interesting that the devs can do is make two engines/parts for more advanced stuff. One of them is expensive and inefficient but has very good performance. The other is cheap and efficient but it’s performance is poopoo. This could vary up ship designs and make resources more important, especially in an environment like multiplayer.
  8. Hey guys, is it ok if we switch back to talking about the future of BDArmoury? It’s only a video game. No need to go on philosophical rants.
  9. I get where you’re coming from. The problem is that (at least imo) combat is one of, if not the most fun experiences that you can have in a video game. Nothing really comes close. There’s a reason that Battlefield and COD moments exist. At least it’s just a mod. You know, that’s the beauty of KSP. You can tinker it however you want to your needs. I think tethers would be good, especially for new players who don’t know how to use the EVA pack yet. I was forced to learn it the hard way when my Jeb drifted away from his craft never to be seen again. I think the main thing cranes would be good for are rescue missions. With the new terrain getting stuck is prob gonna be a more common occurrence, so cranes and winches would definitely come in handy. By the way, if you’re new here you should check out some of the other threads here. Many of them talk about adding new functionality to the game as well as speculating about what they will add to Kerbal 2 in the future. A really good one is “Suggestions not big enough to merit their own thread”. It’s a great way to get your ideas out there quickly.
  10. Yes! I would love to be able to battle and simulate an interplanetary war with my friends. Here’s what I’m looking most forward to in a hypothetical BDArmoury 2: A way to set up territories. This way it’s easier to tell which part of a planet is yours and you don’t just have a bunch of colonies scattered everywhere. A way to capture a colony and transfer all of it’s kerbals to my agency. It would be a bit tedious to have to make a new colony for every single won battle. An easier solution for launching and managing many different crafts. If Intercept isn’t lying about their new physics architecture, some of the battles that’ll occur (especially on smaller moons like Gilly) are going to be MASSIVE. Keeping track of many different planes, ground vehicles and possibly even spacecraft is going to be necessary. This is assuming there isn’t already something like this in stock. A way to assign and maneuver different “squadrons”. If I’m going to go to war, It would be ideal to be able to use tactics. Winning via sheer numbers can get a bit old after a while. This would probably be really difficult to get to work with spacecraft, but it’s definitely possible to be able to do this with aircraft and ground craft. I think a similar thing that the Command & Conquer games use would be cool, though being able to set a strict route for craft to follow would be a nice addition. More documentation and a more intuitive, self explanatory UI/UX. I think this is self explanatory. The great thing about early access is that it would really help modders iterate on their mods before multiplayer and 1.0. Though unlikely, one can hope that BDArmoury 2 (Or some equivalent) can be something like this.
  11. I would like this to be implemented. One thing I hope for Kerbal 2 is for there to be more debris. Over time it can get a little stale for every part to just disappear once it gets destroyed. Though it’s understandable for them not to do this, It would be cool for a part to break into multiple pieces once it’s destroyed. This would also help to make more interesting crash sites and debris fields. This seams especially possible with the new architecture they have and with them having “killed the kraken”.
  12. I agree with this. The clouds in the game right now look not ghat good compared to some of the stuff you see in mods. At the same time, it is early access. The game is probably going to look completely different but 1.0, so I don’t think we should be too worried
  13. I don’t really agree with that. The KSP2 kerbals look like they were they were made by actual artists and animators rather than an amateur dev. They have actual personality now, reacting to g forces, getting scared when in dangerous situations etc. The ones in the original game look dead by comparison.
  14. There were warnings in the first game, but they were in the engineering report that nobody uses. Would be better if there was a panel where you could see the warnings or got a notification before launch.
  15. Out of all the things on this sub forum, an easier way to install and update mods is mandatory. I shouldn’t have to leave the game to install them. The process should be nothing but a search and click.
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