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  1. swiftgates24

    I am now 3 years old.

    Good to see all the old forums posters here Ahhh, I miss the good ol' days.
  2. swiftgates24

    Massive psychological experiment in the KSP forums.

    If I pull the lever then I will have killed one person. If I just walk away, it's not my fault.
  3. swiftgates24

    Is KSP dying?

    Yep guys. KSP is dying. Close forums, uninstall from PC. The forums are empty, no one plays it on Steam. Devs have given up on it, there won't be any updates for awhile. /sarcasm
  4. swiftgates24

    Are we to blame for this?

    In a normal community (one with less intellectual value), the news of 1.0 would bring joyous cheers and 'omg yazz finarry 1.0 is b3ing reeleezed yaaay'. However, since this game requires some skill, the community in general is less stupider, and they would react different to such news. Rather than being excited for 1.0, they would question it and doubt everyone involved, and in general using what they believe is best for the game. I suppose SQUAD wasn't prepared for people who aren't mindless drones and don't always take every piece of content thrown their way? I do agree though, that there are some things still missing from the base game that should be in the final release.
  5. swiftgates24

    Adjective forms of Kerbal celestial bodies

    From the guy who made the planets: Original Name: New Name, Adjective LavaPlanet: Moho, Mohonan or Mohonian CloudyPlanet: Eve, Evotian Gilly: still Gilly, Gillian DesertPlanet: Duna, Dunan or Dunian DesertPlanetMoon: Ike, Iketian GasPlanet1: Jool, Joovan OceanMoon: Laythe, Laytherian IceMoon: Vall, Vallestrial RockyMoon: Tylo, Tylosan Bop: still Bop, Bopian
  6. Not to be rude, but you should really just let medsouz do what he/she wants. This is his under his/her management now.
  7. Well, for example, in DayZ, you can pretty much control what the CPU does and what the GPU does.
  8. Just a little note, in most games, anything below normal is handled by the CPU, and anything above high is handled by the GPU. A nice way to balance performance is having half of the settings on low, normal, or very low if it's an option, and half on them on high or ultra so the load is spread between the CPU and GPU. This doesn't work in all games, however.
  9. swiftgates24

    KSP Nostalgia..

    One word: Wow.
  10. Honestly, if you made the whole soundtrack for KSP I'd be delighted.
  11. swiftgates24

    One sentence you could say to annoy an entire fan base?

    Consoles are better than pcs.
  12. It doesn't have to be just for asteroids.
  13. swiftgates24

    What would you want in the next update (0.90)?

    There won't be any new aerodynamics in .90.
  14. swiftgates24

    Muddy boot picture war! (You WILL have fun!)

    Competition? Pics of mud? Sorry, this isn't a game or a competition. It's weird and creepy. All mud looks the same.
  15. swiftgates24

    Is KSP the greatest video game ever made?

    Tetris sold more than twice the copies of Minecraft.