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  1. Good to see all the old forums posters here Ahhh, I miss the good ol' days.
  2. If I pull the lever then I will have killed one person. If I just walk away, it's not my fault.
  3. Yep guys. KSP is dying. Close forums, uninstall from PC. The forums are empty, no one plays it on Steam. Devs have given up on it, there won't be any updates for awhile. /sarcasm
  4. In a normal community (one with less intellectual value), the news of 1.0 would bring joyous cheers and 'omg yazz finarry 1.0 is b3ing reeleezed yaaay'. However, since this game requires some skill, the community in general is less stupider, and they would react different to such news. Rather than being excited for 1.0, they would question it and doubt everyone involved, and in general using what they believe is best for the game. I suppose SQUAD wasn't prepared for people who aren't mindless drones and don't always take every piece of content thrown their way? I do agree though, that there are some things still missing from the base game that should be in the final release.
  5. From the guy who made the planets: Original Name: New Name, Adjective LavaPlanet: Moho, Mohonan or Mohonian CloudyPlanet: Eve, Evotian Gilly: still Gilly, Gillian DesertPlanet: Duna, Dunan or Dunian DesertPlanetMoon: Ike, Iketian GasPlanet1: Jool, Joovan OceanMoon: Laythe, Laytherian IceMoon: Vall, Vallestrial RockyMoon: Tylo, Tylosan Bop: still Bop, Bopian
  6. Not to be rude, but you should really just let medsouz do what he/she wants. This is his under his/her management now.
  7. Well, for example, in DayZ, you can pretty much control what the CPU does and what the GPU does.
  8. Just a little note, in most games, anything below normal is handled by the CPU, and anything above high is handled by the GPU. A nice way to balance performance is having half of the settings on low, normal, or very low if it's an option, and half on them on high or ultra so the load is spread between the CPU and GPU. This doesn't work in all games, however.
  9. Competition? Pics of mud? Sorry, this isn't a game or a competition. It's weird and creepy. All mud looks the same.
  10. Tetris sold more than twice the copies of Minecraft.
  11. It's a great game. I'll give it that. But the best ever? No. That title belongs to something like Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 64, LoZ: Ocarina of Time, Tetris, Pong, those types of games that were revolutionary.
  12. It's situational, as with any component of a computer. Some games it's better, some it's not. I'm just doing an overall judgement of it, and from personal experience.
  13. Yeah, Unity 5 is like having an amazing pie, then having 5 more amazing pies with it for KSP, a game based on physics.It includes PhysX 3.3, and, if I'm not mistaken, physics have been moved to the GPU, which will (hopefully) show a noticeable performance boost for Nvidia card users.
  14. Dead? The Windows Store is continuously growing. The 1520 was a real competitor in the phablet market. Anyway, it comes down to what your needs: If you want good, reliable hardware and amazing photo quality, get a Windows Phone. If you want better and more software, then get an Andriod.
  15. It's unfortunate you could not afford the original build. That build will do you fine for that price point. However, I reccomend getting a Mid-Tower case and an ATX board now to save money later You can use laptop as a desktop monitor, but it requires disassembling the laptop, and you probably don't want to do that (If you do, I'll be happy to enlighten you ). As said earlier, low end Nvidia GPUs generally don't have great price/performance ratios. The price of the R9 280 is matched by the 750 Ti, but the performance between that and the 760 is much greater. There are no Nvidia GPUs for the same price as the R9 280, only ones which cost the same and perform worse, or ones that cost more but perform better. The 280 is in the middle. HOWEVER, I see a $30 rebate on that card, and its original price is $200 USD. This is about the same price as the GTX 760. Since the performance on the 760 is better, and it only cost a few bucks more at that point, you might as well go with the 760 if you won't take advantage of the rebate (ie. it will expire before you have to chance to use it). And, like I said above, for a few bucks more and a longer wait, you will get the 960 for the same price and even better performance P.S. IMO, no Nvidia card lower than the 760 is worth it
  16. If you want Nvidia, you could also get a GTX 760. They generally have higher fps in games and suffer less from drops. However, it will cost you pretty much around $200 which seems to be your max budget. If you want even better performance, you can wait a little longer and save a little more and get the GTX 960 which is a brand new GPU architecture. It was supposed to come out this month, but it may have been postponed to Q1 2015. If you want a GPU right now, however, it is between the R7 270x and the GTX 760.
  17. 1. Guy who made fire. 2. Guy who made the wheel. 3. Guy who invented language.
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