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  1. currently practicing sstos and interplanetary travel for the patched nonics challenge
  2. the challenge is patched nonics, basically you have to go to mun (done) and back with a L1 tracking station and no kerbal engineer, the hard mode is to go to duna and back with a L1 tracking station (almost done), and the super hard mode ("impress me") im gonna try to get to either moho or dres and back, and can i have the formulas?
  3. hey guys, so i have been playing kerbal space program for a while now, almost 4 months, ive been to moho eve duna mun minmus and deep space, would there be anyway to calculate things like DN and AN or orbeth? i need these for a challenge on the discord patched nonics (basically only l1 tracking station)
  4. thanks but lowest weight i can get to is not much better, only 1.9 Ts thank you, i dont know where everything is
  5. i already have 2 solar panels and a 1.25M powerbank, i have 3 lt2 landing struts can those handle the stress?, also since i will probably have to send another mission anyways would it be better to land a probe on eve or try again with moho?
  6. okay so a bit of contex, so i got to moho using a main flyby rocket and a mini probe with an ion engine, we got to low orbit but we want to achieve landing, the rocket is only 2.2 T, we cannot send another mission, and it has a twr of only 0.32, it has 5722 deltaV leftover
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