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  1. Some of the plane command modules in Ksp 2 have been shown to have heat shield tiles such as the large space-shuttle cabin and the mk 2 cabin. Hopefully this means we will get some sort of procedural heatshields.
  2. Steam Achievements? e.g. 'Land on Duna' or 'Leave the Kerbol System for the first time'. Just realised I meant to put this on the KSP 2 suggestion post
  3. Some procedural grid fins would be nice for landing boosters and spacecraft on atmospheric bodies. SpaceX-style large landing legs would also be nice.
  4. When procedural radiators were announced many people suspected that there would be procedural solar panels too. Nate Simpson replied and said that the team hadn't really considered it because there are many more ways of making power in KSP 2 than just solar panels. I'd like to see procedural solar panels though, maybe even ones that you can "wrap" around a ship like on the starship HLS or crew dragon.
  5. Yeah when you fire up your engines or if the kerbals are experiencing some g-forces they should go back to their chairs very quickly.
  6. What if Kerbals would float around the cabin and you could watch with the IVA view? It would be better than the kerbals just sitting down all the time. If they were on a ring for example, they could run on a treadmill or be doing science.
  7. Yeah these were what I was thinking, I think I saw these in a KSP video.
  8. Something that KSP was missing is docking ports only being able to dock at certain angles. This could be offset buy using an adapter and 2 or more docking ports but I think it would be better if the standard docking ports could only attach to each other at some angles or however many a player wants. Eventually the KSP devs added a turning system for the docking ports but I found this to be problematic as it would cause my space stations to suffer kraken attacks.
  9. Something that KSP 1 really lacks is the ability to have large heat shields on crafts such as SSTOs. I would love if you could ‘paint’ the underside of a ship with black ceramic tiles to create a heat shield. Also from a realism standpoint heat shields are necessary for entering the atmosphere. It would also allow for recreations of spacecraft such as the space shuttle (probably the first thing everyone thinks of), but also crafts such as Dream Chaser and Starship.
  10. Has there been any talk on how kerbals will survive space travel for this long? I know it’s going to be hard-science but you could suggest that Kerbals have biology which allows for some sort of stasis for long periods of time.
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