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  1. Yay! Ezriilc has saved us! So yes, go to his site, download the raw image and proceed from there. I have been working on something ribbon related...
  2. Give me a moment to fix the broken link and you'll be able to make your own with the original GIMP file I used to make the Kerbin system ribbons. There's a color layer that's separate from the texture and bevel on the edges, so you just need to pick the two main colors of your planet and bucket fill that layer. If it's a satellite of a planet then you fill the end with the planet colors and then repeat the process with the satellite's major colors.
  3. The only reason ADs were restricted in the original version of the ribbons was that those were the only planets with anomalies. It was even stretching a little to include the Mohole as it wasn't an "extra" object like the other anomalies, but a quirk of planet geometry. However, it was strange and people made a point of visiting it, so I figured why not include it.
  4. I'm awake, I'm awake! There's a monolith on Gilly? Yes, that would be an anomaly. I've been out of the loop for a while (two small children will do that to you) so yes, if there are anomalous objects you should be able to get the dot for it. I'd say the sparkling asteroids dot should go on the asteroid ribbon, but that's just my gut reaction before I've finished my first cup of coffee. As for the Challenge Wreath the reason it's limited is that landing and leaving from Tylo and leaving Eve are just miles away in difficulty from anything else. Circumnavigating a planet with
  5. Got bored. Started embroidering. Made a mission patch. I really need to work on my lettering and perspective. Pencil Sketch (where I forgot the ship's name ... sorry CoF). I'm not sure why I mirror-imaged it. I may have been working without the sketch when I did the GIMP mockup. GIMP Mockup
  6. I've updated the first post to point to the new web page! Still haven't finished the boat icon. The second child is harder than the first. You've got all that experience dealing with babies ... but you also still have to keep track of child #1 which more than makes up for it.
  7. I'd just use an Asteroid - Duna ribbon and add an ABD to it. You'd need to use a graphic editor, but if you can recreate the [REDACTED] I'm sure you can handle that. The problem with doing ribbons for all the asteroid / moon combinations is that A: the colour bars start getting very small and B: that's a lot more options to dump on Ezriilc. Now, regarding other requests: The problem with an asteroid craft device is that, well, it looks like a potato. I made one while trying to figure out what to do about asteroids. Potato. Very potato. Boat. Huh. That's a good point. People have cr
  8. That's what it's for. To remember. My band on Laythe is to remind me of a spaceplane pilot I lost while I wan't paying attention.
  9. 1 - Yeah, most folks should have one for Kerbol. They just don't think about it since it wasn't the goal of the mission and I'm not going to waste my heartbeats wandering around shaking my fist at them. 2 - The return chevron is just a general "Hey, I managed to get here and get back!" Not necessarily linked to the craft you got back. Yes, it can be a little vague. For the really spectacular returns (Eve and Tylo) there are challenge wreaths.
  10. Sorry, I've been busier than a one legged gentleman in a bottom kicking contest recently (ask Ezriilc about my dropping off the face of the earth for something like two months while he was waiting for an answer)... In general though I'm not too picky about the order of things, so if you've achieved orbit and then landed using only your MMU that's a pretty extreme EVA. I'm not going to quibble that you should have dropped from orbit first. As for the shield I could see making the change to require a second, non-Kerbin planetary SOI. That was the whole point of the original grand tour anyway
  11. So ever since seeing my first custom control setup I wanted to try building one. However, instead of using an Arduino (mine's currently busy being a Morse code trainer) I figured I'd use a USB keyboard encoder like my friends and I used when building a MAME cabinet. It seemed easier. Now of course, I work in theater, so I can't just throw some switches in a box and call it a day. It has to look nice, and possibly period. I had a bunch of push buttons from some random piece of surplus hardware (a SWITCH ASSEMBLY SA-569/APA 90 if anyone cares, they make a really nice chunk-unk when pushed) an
  12. You know that thing where you hit super speed and realize that you forgot to deploy your solar panels just as you run out of charge? I did that so many times I stopped relaunching the mission and started editing the persistence file to give myself enough charge to extend the panels. Now I put one of those little single panels just in case.
  13. I want to see someone make a terrible, terrible plane out of one.
  14. New Version! Currently on Mediafire as I have not yet figured out how to upload things to Curse. I might get around to it, I might not. I decided to go with a ribbon for asteroids, with side decorations indicating what planet said asteroid is in orbit around as trying to make an asteroid device just wound up looking like you had a potato stuck to your ribbon. So you get your asteroid ribbon for getting with 2.2km of an asteroid. You get an orbit dot for hauling the asteroid into orbit around something. You get the various other left hand devices for achieving things with your pet asteroid.
  15. Two potential problems - first off, the Kerbin asteroid ribbon would basically be identical to the Mun ribbon (only so many shades of grey out there) and the second is that you might wind up with dozens of the AEROGELs cluttering up your bar. I guess we could do a striped sidebar and suggest only using one asteroid ribbon using the standard "your FAVORITE or the most AWESOME taking precedence". In your case, you'd use Ike, since recreating the [REDACTED] is very awesome.
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