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  1. "A very wise jedi once said, nothing happens by accident" - Anakin Skywalker
  2. Please don't take this too seriously, its supposed to be a silly thread so please don't turn this into British parliament
  3. I was saying that to indicate how long and unnecessarily drawn out the thread was
  4. I literally never said don't want enby kerbals in the game. I would be happy if they added them because my sibling is enby. I'm just trying to say that I feel like this thread has gone on a little long. I'm not trying to oppose it.
  5. What? I was saying you can suggest things but PD doesn't need to implement them.
  6. And I'm saying that this conversation is long enough to grab PD's attention and they will decide if they add enby kerbals or not.
  7. In the end, it's not your game, PD will add enby kerbals if they want to or not, it's their choice, I just don't see why this merit's such a long thread.
  8. Again, why can't we just accept what PD does with the game and if they add enby kerbals?
  9. Can we all just agree that whatever PD does in the game (Whether it be enby kerbals) is fine? I don't really see the need to have it out of the game ya know? It's not like you have to make your kerbal enby. Imagine not reading the entire sentence where Iiterally say "I'm not against you choosing your gender identity"
  10. I'm not against choosing your gender identity, but like, they're pieces of space broccoli.
  11. If you purchase early access, do you have to purchase the full game after that's released?
  12. Not even a person but 3 weeks ago, my precious lil bird Puff passed away at the age of 15 (Which is extremely long for a parakeet)
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