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  1. WarningKopernicus was not able to load the custom planetaryystem due to an exception in the loading procesLoading your saved game is NOT recommended.because the missing planets could corrupt it and deleteyour progressPlease contact the planet pack author or theKopernicus team about the issue and send them a validbug report, including your KSPlog, yourModulemanager. Config Cache file and the folderLogs/Kopernicus/from your KSP root directoryOK My God, what's wrong with this report?
  2. rock_desert1_normal.dds There is a problem with the map of the planetary package
  3. Can I start publishing my own theme?
  4. This is a very interesting Kampala module, but I want to test how far the curvature engine can fly
  5. There are many interesting things to be found in this Kampala community
  6. The Kampala space program community is so interesting. I like it. I really want to discuss with you what I found in the game
  7. What problems should new users pay attention to in the forum?
  8. Thank you for your welcome. I have been playing this game for some time, and recently joined the Kampala Forum
  9. Hello, I'm a new user in Kampala community. I'm just a small box of spinach that likes naughty eggs!
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