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  1. Greetings Anikta and welcome to the forum. I myself joined only a couple of days ago and while I have been playing kerbal space program for quite some time, there are a lot of things. I also don't know. For example, when I'm going into orbit and lining up encounters with stations and other ships, I pretty much just do it by guess I don't really use that whole XYZ coordinates tool that allows you to adjust how your maneuvers will look before you perform them but I've done that so often that I'm usually pretty good at pulling it off the first time without having to restart from a last save point, enjoy the forms and fly safe! =) also, thank you for being my final fifth post. Once this is approved I will be able to edit my account. Yaaa for me! =D
  2. Greetings Andrew The Astronaut and welcome to the forum. I too am new here though I've been playing kerbal space program a little bit longer than you though I don't have any YouTube videos of KSP uploaded to my channel. Looking forward to seeing some of your vids and thank you for being the 4th of 5th posts necessary for me to edit my profile lol. Fly safe my friend! =D
  3. Hello Gevdei welcome to the forum. I'm also new here and let me add by saying thank you for being the 3rd of 5th posts. I cannot wait to add my profile picture as well. Happy flying! =D
  4. Thank you James Kerman and Rutabaga22 =D TBH Vanamonde I had joined last night right before going to bed as a final search for info (can't remember for what) lead me here (as it usually does) and I just decided to join right there an then... then went to bed, and the reason I'm not posting anything yet is because I was just on the way to bed an did a quick search for some info on the M700 scanner which brought me here and lol oh yeah! I just plumb forgot I just joined this forum last night! =D But I want to upload my progression in a very detailed but not overly verbose post with lots of nice full-graphic-options-on pictures you can really sink your teeth into P= I want people to see the progression of my space program and the ships I've created in order to achieve getting as far as I did, I REALLY really enjoy this game and I want to share that and have people see how much this game means to a gamer like me who has a hard time connecting with games anymore. And just a little teaser I've saved mostly all the main, prototype and/or historic vehicles I've created so I think It'll be a cool little story line guiding the reader through my own unique play style. But I *promise (*Disclaimer, promises not legally binding) I'll get that thread up an running soon, I've already taken pics a week ago of the early research phase of my space program and that was about half of the pics needed. Well... (does big stretch) that does it for me, it's time to hit the hay and... count Kerbals orbiting the Mun Z Z Z z z z . . . Nighty night y'all =)
  5. Hello! It's a pleasure to be here. I do not usually join discussion forums, maybe half a dozen throughout my life and far fewer than that have I participated in the forums but I wanted to document my Kerbal experience here as KSP is one of the few games I have really been able to enjoy. most games I get bored of, lose interest in or just fall away from before I'm close to even a 1/4 of the way through yet over the last decade I've started and restarted KSP half a dozen times, getting as far as fly-by'ing or orbiting the Mun a couple of times but never landing on. This time I focused on career mode, rescuing 45 Kerbals in various orbits, launching 4 space stations, 1 mun base, capturing a C class asteroid with a fuel mining station into Kerbal orbit, creating 2 AWESOME ships (I'm very proud of lol) within my fleet of vessels and AND... having the entire tech tree unlocked after hopping around the Mun and Minmus during one mission thus gaining enough science points to open up the last half of the tech tree. As a gamer I'm happy to have found a game I can enjoy so much, I love gaming but it's so hard to get attached to any game for more than a few hours before falling away. =,( My current mission is to take a tour with all 48 Kerbals in an attempt to level them all up, I can't see any reason to upgrade the scientists as I've already unlocked everything in the tech tree but the engineers I very much want upgraded as my next objective will be to design a new ore scanning probe and lander, a new ore mining platform as well as a fuel transport craft with the knowledge I gained capturing an asteroid with a mining station. By the time i had my 2 piece mining/fuel station "tower" constructed on the asteroid... I had mined all the resources!! Not gonna lie that was kinda a bummer lol Well this was just an introductory post, my post with pictures on my "most current and most dedicated play-through" will be posted at a later date, hopefully within a month. I look forward to scanning the forums for stories, tips and especially pics of the amazing ships and vehicles the Kerbalnauts of this community have lovingly built. See you... out there... =P
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