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  1. Hello! yes WatermelOOn, there will be. I'm working on the next thread, Bases and Stations, some of those will be bigger than the Fortuna, both in size and part count (Some stations were added to as directed by accepted missions), but the Great Experiment, a multi Kerbal transportation landing base/space craft will not only be physically larger than the Fortuna but have a considerable more part count than anything I have created before it. THAT'S the ship I'm REALLY proud of =P That thread will come directly after the Stations and Bases thread. Thank you all for taking an interest in my posts. <3
  2. Yup, great looking jet! Definitely one of my faves, it looks like a 2 engine F-16 that had its rear ailerons re-positioned, or an Eurofighter with smaller more strategically placed dual intakes. =D
  3. Greetings Kerbonauts! Welcome back to my documentation of my experience with Kerbal Space Program. In this post I will be revealing the progression of space capable ships I have designed and flown into space and beyond. Like any space program each ship builds upon the successes of the previous iteration while weeding out the potential failures. I have heard from some prominent You Tubers how some of us gravitate to the Flash Gordon style of space ships and I am not entirely innocent of this observation. The latest design in this post is the culmination of these designs and became the workhorse of my space program and as I mentioned in my introduction and welcoming post this is the first of 2 ships I'm quite proud of =) But before we get into it I just want to thank you the reader for taking an interest in my posts. If you have any comments, questions or criticism please by all means let me know and I'll do my best to address them. Also for anyone wanting to know what version of the game I'm running and with what plug ins, mods or updates here is a pic of the star screens lower right hand corner. Now, the ships. - SS Atlas PROTOTYPE - Building upon the success of the 'Research Pod - 03 Planetary' craft the SS Atlas Prototype became the initial design created to begin the exploration of the Kerbin System and the Celestial bodies it contains. With enough room for a pilot, scientist and an engineer this craft never left Kerbin orbit but was able to bring back valuable scientific reports. Craft Stats: Parts: 55 - Mass: 7.960t - Size H x W x L: 7.4m x 2.6m x 5.0m Notes: With a row of solar panels on her belly she recharges fast but only when her belly is exposed to the sun, Also, while never used the command section can be separated from the drive section to make a safe re-entry and landing on her own. - SS Boreas - A - Evolving from the SS Atlas the SS Boreas was first Space Ship to land on the mun. With a modified command section the Boreas - A variant had fewer batteries yet a more efficient recharging capability then her predecessor as well as a larger fuel capacity necessary to return from the Mun. Craft Stats: Parts: 51 - Mass: 10.435t - Size H x W x L: 10.7m x 2.6m x 5.0m Notes: With only 1300m/s of delta-v the Boreas - A used an additional tank and booster to not only reach the Mun but to slow her descent to roughly 100m/s a few thousand feet above the Mun's surface before separating the stage and finishing her descent under her own power. - SS Boreas - B - The second and final version of the Boreas class vessels. this craft landed and scienced many of the locations reachable along the Mun's Equator before various rovers and lander/rovers completed mapping the Mun. this would be the last vessel with onboard science and research equipment before the Great Experiment was created. Craft Stats: Parts: 51 - Mass: 13.238t - Size H x W x L: 10.3m x 3.1m x 5.6m Notes: With over 1700m/s of delta-v the Bores -B could, after manoeuvring into a mun encounter from Kerbin orbit, have enough fuel to land and return from the Mun. - SS Cronos PROTOTYPE - Needing a larger craft and with the newly unlocked resources from the tech tree the next step was the Cronos Prototype. Craft Stats: Parts: 34 - Mass: 29.513t - Size H x W x L: 8.4m x 5.8m x 5.8m Notes: A roomier 3 person craft that starts the benefit of providing room for exterior cargo, probes or rovers to be connected directly below the main fuselage. - SS Deimos - A - The Deimos - A Space Ship begins to take on a design that becomes noticeable in all following craft. Craft Stats: Parts: 67 - Mass: 31.233t - Size H x W x L: 10.9m x 6.9m x 6.9m Notes: The Deimos class of Space Ships were used primarily used for Space Ship design and development. - SS Deimos - B - The final variant of the Deimos class Space Ship, this craft was the second last chassis before the design of the Kerbal Space Programs Work Horse. Craft Stats: Parts: 88 - Mass: 36.773t - Size H x W x L: 14.2m x 6.9m x 6.9m Notes: With augmented and enhanced abilities including extra room for crew this craft was the culmination of everything learned up to this point and added to the upcoming final design. - SS Eros PROTOTYPE - A truly magnificent design the Eros Prototype brought to fruition a design that would prove instrumental to transporting equipment and Kerbals to space the Mun and later Minmus. Craft Stats: Parts: 103 - Mass: 42.523t - Size H x W x L: 16.0m x 8.0m x 9.2m Notes: Damn was I proud of myself when i built this =P lol I just thought it looked so awesome especially with those solar panels extended and it's X-Wing-esque design - SS Fortuna - A - A refined version the Fortuna - A Class added much needed stability during re-entry as well as multiple connection points for cargo, vehicles or even docking with stations by this point already in orbit. Craft Stats: Parts: 114 - Mass: 43.293t - Size H x W x L: 16.0m x 8.0m x 9.2m Notes: The Eros class introduction of an emergency escape pod mounted on the nose was carried over to the Fortuna class. Just a shot of one of the cooler missions I took on involving deploying one satellite in orbit around Kerbin, a second satellite around the Mun, deploying 2 additional satellites around Minmus, one in an equatorial orbit, one in an elongated orbit at a 45 degree orbit as well as completing the fly-by Minmus mission, this was my first time going beyond the Mun and near Minmus. The second picture shows most fairings around the 4 probes invisible with the fairing 'below-right' being slightly visible to show faring separation construction. - SS Fortuna - C-3db - Mining - The final variant of the Fortuna - C-3 class, this ship has been extensively used to explore, rescue Kerbals far away, deliver equipment such as cargo, rovers and small craft. With an ore tank and 4 jr. drills this was the first Space Ship to be able to refuel without an outside source such as a tanker or station and allowed for the return of ore to Kerbal. Craft Stats: Parts: 154 - Mass: 46.215t - Size: H x W x L: 13.6m x 6.5m x 5.3m Notes: With the introduction of 4 drill-o-matic jr., a convert-o-tron 125, a large holding tank, a large advanced reaction wheel, 3 Gigantor solar arrays, a LARGE volume of batteries, 6 deplorable cooling arrays and a guidance unit, the nose mounted escape pod and one of the two hitchhiker storage containers were removed to reduce weight since the engines were not upgraded. An attempt at modifying the Fortuna class into a horizontally runway launched and land-able craft meant to land and liftoff like the Harrier or F-35. With added canards to the bow and lifting surfaces on the four aft nacelle pylons this craft possessed limited manoeuvrability yet decent lifting properties. Convert-o-tron was moved to the other side of the fuselage and drills also re-positioned to other side to equalize the centre of mass. Down-facing Gigantor solar array replaced with forward landing gear and rover now mounted to belly just behind a lifting engine. It should be noted this craft had a second 2.5m storage bay crammed full of scientific equipment which would later be installed on the Great Experiment. A shot montage of the SS Fortuna - C-3db being launched with the heavy lift 'Booster - 01c' into orbit followed by a re-entry and deployment of the three Gigantor solar panels, four drill-o-matics jr. and 6 small thermal control systems. (rover was not originally launched but shoehorned in later) Booster - 01c eight boosters are permanently attached and the entire booster is designed to de-orbit itself for complete recovery of funds and material. Yes, the pic directly above and directly below shoehorned in to display the positioning of the rover. After all this i decided to add pics of a few other tidbits such as this... I don't think I've ever seen the 'Archives' folder while in the research building but yeah by 1 year and day 195 I had just BARELY acquired enough research points to unlock the rest of the tech tree after a mission hoping around the Mun's last biomes not yet explored and according to Werner's observations there are still opportunities here. Thank You and Congratulations for reaching the end of this post (stands and applauds you) I know it was a bit of a read but I hope you enjoyed it at least half as much as I enjoyed setting it up. Still to come will be posts of airplanes, auxiliary craft such as rovers and transfer vehicles as well as the previously mentioned Great Experiment, not entirely in that order, but next I will do a post of the various bases and space stations all created to meet the conditions dictated by various mission requirements accepted from various agencies as well as their few upgrades. Keep an eye out for "bigemugamers Stations and Bases". Well, Ma wife has fallen asleep on the couch during a 'The Casual Criminalist' episode, time for me to hit the hay. Good night everyone and happy Kerbaling. =D
  4. Love the blueprint look, definitely better than my pics.
  5. Greeting all! =D I joined this community about a month ago but have been really busy since moving across Canada wit ma wife <3 and wanted to finally post my progress with KSP. While I've had the game for the better part of a decade it's difficult to get into games anymore, not sure why, age perhaps, but after about half a dozen attempts at playing the game and falling away from it before ever getting to the Mun I've finally made real progress. focusing primarily on acquiring science to open up everything as early as I can, I've created dozens upon dozens of ships and variants finally unlocking everything in the science tree after hoping around the Mun before ever getting to Minmus. This post is detailing the more mundane part of my gaming efforts, creating the space program from first the step to exploring the various biomes of Kerbin, achieving orbit around Kerbin before FINALLY circling the Mun. Now... let's get into it. - Research A Ground - 03 - Below is (roughly) the first step, while Research A Ground - 03 is the third variant of this craft, by this point I've opened enough science to have Goo Containers, Thermometers and the Barometer exploring the landing pad, crawlway, runway and the shoreline via rolling the craft around on the ground like a drunken frat boy. Craft Stats: Parts: 6 - Mass: 1.00t - Size H x W x L: 1.3m x 1.4m x 1.3m Notes: rolls around pretty good provided you don't go super spinny - Research B Water - 01 - Completing the 'first flight' mission this craft also allowed initial exploration of the water at the shoreline. This also allowed the unlocking of the Science Jr. Craft Stats: Parts: 13 - Mass: 2.740t - Size H x W x L: 3.1m x 2.0m x 1.5m Notes: short range, a tad chin heavy due to 3 goo containers placement. - Research Pod - 01 Ground & Air - After unlocking the Science Jr. sciencing becomes a bit easier, remembering to do 3 goo and 3 science experiments at every biome progressively rewards you with diminished results but those 2nd and 3rd exposures of the goo and Jr. experiments do add up. 2 variations of this craft has been extensively used to scan everything as far as the western mountains to the island airfield east of the Kerbal Space Center, minus every building near the VAB. Craft Stats: Parts: 17 - Mass: 2.000t - Size H x W x L: 4.9m x 2.3m x 1.9m Notes: placing 3 goo containers and 3 science Jr's allow not needing storage containers for science result storage as the entire craft and pilot are retrieved after landing and sciencing. This craft lands horizontal on 2 landing struts allowing the pilot to easily access the experiments. - Research Pod 02 Orbit - Needing something a bit more streamline for further away missions like the far west desert near the western shoreline, this craft was created with the now unlocked larger engines. Craft Stats: Parts: 17 - Mass: 2.260t - Size H x W x L: 5.2m x 2.6m x 2.2m Notes: Landing vertical and having a more streamlined centre of mass this craft possessed great flight attributes. Research Pod - 03 Planetary Room for both a pilot and an engineer, only one goo container and science jr. was needed, by this point enough of the science tree had been unlocked to add storage containers to store precious experiments. I've never subscribed to transmitting science experiments due to lowered results unless a mission required transition of said experiments, at that point i would transmit an experiment i had already received max points for. Craft Stats: Parts: 21 - Mass: 2.425t - Size H x W x L: 5.8m x 2.9m x 2.5m Notes: Created for sciencing beyond the horizon this craft was used to reach the furthest of Kerbin's lands such as the north and south poles and the badlands. Not entirely stable during re-entry a small heat shield was placed at the tip in the event the craft tumbled during re-entry. upon landing the craft was designed to tip over and land on 2 additional landing struts to allow the engineer to easily reach all the science experiments. See pics 2 and 3 below of details. Pic 2 below, immediately after landing. Pic 3 below, 2 landing struts near top extended upon landing then the 4 initial landing struts are retracted, SAS control needed to tip craft towards port side (in this pic the decoupler is still attached but would be gone before an actual re-entry) - Research C Ground - 01b - After enough science is unlocked we can unlock other instruments, specifically aircraft parts to build a vehicle that can easily traverse, scan and store ALL science around each of the kerbal space centre's buildings with a small jet engine used for propulsion. Craft Stats: Parts: 21 - Mass: 2.853t - Size H x W x L: 3.2m x 3.2m x 4.9m Notes: A must when collecting science around the space centre, this craft can collect data quite quickly though you don't want to turn to quickly and may want to keep speeds low. - Kerbin Orbiter 01a - Singularly built to complete the 'Orbit Kerbin' mission this rocket cemented Jebediah Kerman as a hero among Kerbals and allowed for the further exploration of space. Craft Stats: Parts: 30 - Mass: 53.455t - Size H x W x L: 23.6m x 4.3m x 4.3m Notes: Performing flawlessly during the mission this 5 stage rocket ship contained no science experiments at all. - Mun Fly By - 01a - A milestone for myself not just Kerbals this craft was my first (successful) attempt to actually fly past the Mun. unlike the Kerbin Orbitor a modified version of the Research Pod - 03 Planetary craft was used to not only fly by the Mun but conduct research high above Kerbin and during the fly by of the Mun. Craft Stats: Parts: 72 - Mass: 69.445t - Size H x W x L: 24.5m x 4.4m x 4.5m Notes: performing without incident this craft collected much data in space allowing much of the tech tree to be unlocked. Thank you for reading, this concludes the initial progress of the Kerbal's Space Program from the first Crew Report from the launch pad to the recovery of the Mun Fly By mission. If there is anything you wish to know or additional pictures or craft from this period you want to see please feel free to request that info and I will get back to you at a later date. 90% of the craft I create does not get deleted so long as it was successfully used in a mission and there are a lot of small craft in my inventory that I have created but due to time constraints a fair portion of them will not be seen. Next topic will be "bigemugamer's Science Based Space Ships" ....not sure when I'll get that up. Happy Kerbaling!
  6. Greetings Anikta and welcome to the forum. I myself joined only a couple of days ago and while I have been playing kerbal space program for quite some time, there are a lot of things. I also don't know. For example, when I'm going into orbit and lining up encounters with stations and other ships, I pretty much just do it by guess I don't really use that whole XYZ coordinates tool that allows you to adjust how your maneuvers will look before you perform them but I've done that so often that I'm usually pretty good at pulling it off the first time without having to restart from a last save point, enjoy the forms and fly safe! =) also, thank you for being my final fifth post. Once this is approved I will be able to edit my account. Yaaa for me! =D
  7. Greetings Andrew The Astronaut and welcome to the forum. I too am new here though I've been playing kerbal space program a little bit longer than you though I don't have any YouTube videos of KSP uploaded to my channel. Looking forward to seeing some of your vids and thank you for being the 4th of 5th posts necessary for me to edit my profile lol. Fly safe my friend! =D
  8. Hello Gevdei welcome to the forum. I'm also new here and let me add by saying thank you for being the 3rd of 5th posts. I cannot wait to add my profile picture as well. Happy flying! =D
  9. Thank you James Kerman and Rutabaga22 =D TBH Vanamonde I had joined last night right before going to bed as a final search for info (can't remember for what) lead me here (as it usually does) and I just decided to join right there an then... then went to bed, and the reason I'm not posting anything yet is because I was just on the way to bed an did a quick search for some info on the M700 scanner which brought me here and lol oh yeah! I just plumb forgot I just joined this forum last night! =D But I want to upload my progression in a very detailed but not overly verbose post with lots of nice full-graphic-options-on pictures you can really sink your teeth into P= I want people to see the progression of my space program and the ships I've created in order to achieve getting as far as I did, I REALLY really enjoy this game and I want to share that and have people see how much this game means to a gamer like me who has a hard time connecting with games anymore. And just a little teaser I've saved mostly all the main, prototype and/or historic vehicles I've created so I think It'll be a cool little story line guiding the reader through my own unique play style. But I *promise (*Disclaimer, promises not legally binding) I'll get that thread up an running soon, I've already taken pics a week ago of the early research phase of my space program and that was about half of the pics needed. Well... (does big stretch) that does it for me, it's time to hit the hay and... count Kerbals orbiting the Mun Z Z Z z z z . . . Nighty night y'all =)
  10. Hello! It's a pleasure to be here. I do not usually join discussion forums, maybe half a dozen throughout my life and far fewer than that have I participated in the forums but I wanted to document my Kerbal experience here as KSP is one of the few games I have really been able to enjoy. most games I get bored of, lose interest in or just fall away from before I'm close to even a 1/4 of the way through yet over the last decade I've started and restarted KSP half a dozen times, getting as far as fly-by'ing or orbiting the Mun a couple of times but never landing on. This time I focused on career mode, rescuing 45 Kerbals in various orbits, launching 4 space stations, 1 mun base, capturing a C class asteroid with a fuel mining station into Kerbal orbit, creating 2 AWESOME ships (I'm very proud of lol) within my fleet of vessels and AND... having the entire tech tree unlocked after hopping around the Mun and Minmus during one mission thus gaining enough science points to open up the last half of the tech tree. As a gamer I'm happy to have found a game I can enjoy so much, I love gaming but it's so hard to get attached to any game for more than a few hours before falling away. =,( My current mission is to take a tour with all 48 Kerbals in an attempt to level them all up, I can't see any reason to upgrade the scientists as I've already unlocked everything in the tech tree but the engineers I very much want upgraded as my next objective will be to design a new ore scanning probe and lander, a new ore mining platform as well as a fuel transport craft with the knowledge I gained capturing an asteroid with a mining station. By the time i had my 2 piece mining/fuel station "tower" constructed on the asteroid... I had mined all the resources!! Not gonna lie that was kinda a bummer lol Well this was just an introductory post, my post with pictures on my "most current and most dedicated play-through" will be posted at a later date, hopefully within a month. I look forward to scanning the forums for stories, tips and especially pics of the amazing ships and vehicles the Kerbalnauts of this community have lovingly built. See you... out there... =P
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