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  1. Thanks for the update Nate! I wish you and the team a happy weekend!
  2. Thanks for the update! Funny, I was right now in the process of building and flying a crewed Laythe mission. Also, does visit mean land or flyby?
  3. Hm, I chose 2 but I' say I'm both 1 and 2, I'm wo excited to be able to actually see and interact with my friends
  4. The multiplayer screenshot was posted on March 31st Seattle time.
  5. Thanks Nate and everyone else on the team! Have a nice weekend!
  6. I am very faithful in the devs making this an amazing game. They have been playing multiplayer and the other stuff like interstellar and colonies for years and there is a lot of stuff relating to this in the gamefiles too. I think the features do not need that much more work.
  7. Hypee!! Thank you all at Intercept, continue your amazing work!!!
  8. WOW that was worth the wait! Thank you all at Intercept, you are amazing!
  9. Thanks for the update Nate and in general thanks to the whole team, you are amazing! Glad to see progress happening
  10. HYPE for the amazing future of this game! Chooo Choo!
  11. That is because the devs have mostly been playing their full in development version of the game with all the features, not our Early Access build. The game was originally supposed to release as a full game with all the features, and they have been working on all the features like colonies, interstellar travel and multiplayer all the time. I personally think that they kinda rushed disabling the in development features for our build which led to what we have right now. We are propably not even seeing half of their work. I think we are gonna see some bugfixes and the game becoming better and better with each update, because with the updates it will become more what and how it was supposed to be in the first place. Onto a great KSP2 future!
  12. Can basically say the exact same as you in your post for me (just not only 3 days). And just one lil thing: you propably meant to say KSP1 there
  13. Thanks for the information Nate! I honestly find it impressive how many bugs you have already managed to fix, continue the great work! I am so excited for the great future of this game!
  14. I7 11700k, 32GB RAM, RTX 3070ti, 1080p high settings Vehicles with part counts around 50 I( think) above 35 fps basically everywhere. Really happy about the performance
  15. I built a rocket out of a pod, a booster and a parachute with wrong staging and launched it And was amazed by the game, I have an I7 11700k and an RTX 3070ti and am getting 30 to 60 fps on high settings
  16. Wait. Is that Jool in the background? That looks gorgeous!
  17. Also look at these framerates!
  18. Don't get me wrong, I think this looks amazing! But the surface texture is still pixely which doesn't even look that bad because it kinda looks 3D and the ground texture structure is worlds better than completly flat colored surfaces. The Kerbal seems to be floating..? But still Launch T-10 days, so excited!
  19. The trees seem to have proper shadows and look especially compared to the KSC Timelapse Stream really good!
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